07/15/2022 The Falcon – Elevens, Sevens, or Eights

Eleven PAX got together to do some 11s on a humid July morning. WARMARAMA SSH x20 Willie Mays Hayes x10 Manafort Good Morning x5 Imperial Walker x 10 Hillbilly x10 Overhead clap x10 Little Baby Arm Circles x12 In reverse x12 Slow squat x 10 Slow merkin x10 The THANG We moseyed down Garrett Road […]

07/08/2022 The Falcon – Q School Quckie #1

The Q School Quickie was an idea borne out of a discussion during the May SLT meeting. The intent was to introduce key Q concepts to newer PAX, remind veteran PAX, and to create a place for questions and discussions about Qing, and leadership within our region. I offered to take the first one, and […]

Exactly 45 Minutes of Exercise at The Falcon

Picked up the Q for that slacker Misery at the last minute. Decided to keep it simple with a focus on cardio and using the oft-neglected puller muscles. (Heh.) 4 got in some EC manmakers, though YHC peeled off early to harness my chi before the workout. Standard warm-up then moseyed to bottom of first […]

06/24/2022 The Falcon – Beach Day

The summer solstice happened this week. School’s out. It’s beach time! The routine is predictable. Find a parking spot, carry all the gear to the right spot, play in the surf, drag it all back to the car and head home. The Thing Finding our parking- Mosey to block pile Curls- 20, Thruster -20, Row- […]

04/08/2022 The Falcon – Big Numbers , Big Names

Considering options for Friday posting late on Wednesday, saw hole on the falcon q sheet. No better way to ensure a post. Decided to run back last week's Q at Animal House, which got rave reviews in the form of soreness complaints. Of course had to condense from an hour to 45 minutes, but hopefully […]

04/01/2022 The Falcon – Fooled by Sheep

Fresh off a 5 day stint with the Stomach Bug aka NoroVirus YHC had a date with a site that has always intimidated me quite a bit and therefore I'd never had the balls to Q. So the Universe in all it's paradoxical wisdom had brought things together in a mysterious way to match the […]

02/18/2022 The Falcon – Two Timing Tabata Type Workout

Planning for this Q, was a bit troubling. I had a different workout planned, then realized there was rain in the forecast, so I audibled to a Tabata style workout that doubled down on exercises that allowed PAX to distance and stay undercover in front of Jordan. When I rolled up three hearty PAX were […]