Below you will find all the backblasts for F3 Churham... They're Grrreat!

Push & Pull

Warm up: Good Morning 10IC, Hillbilly 10IC, SSH 20 IC, WMH 10IC, AC 10IC, RAC 10IC Main Event: Partner 1 – In plank position, push & pull cinder block forward, backward & ,alternating, side to side until 100 lunges (both legs=1), 200 Merkins & 300 squats are completed Partner 2

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Billy Madison Failed… again

Man-child Billy Madison (Adam Sandler) was spoiled all his life. His father finally laid it down and forced him to retake and pass every grade in 24 weeks. We made it only to grade 11. 12th would have added burpees. I call this a Q fail, but I think the

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Math Pop Quiz

The school year is upon us. Our local public school districts are all embarking on an online learning expedition. Many of our independent schools are attempting to put students back in a physical classroom. With YHC being a math teacher, I decided to provide a math lesson with the workout.

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In Spite of…

Warm-up: In cadence: 25 Side straddle hops, 25 Imperial walkers, 25 Arm circles (forward/reverse), 25 Calf raises, Willie Mays, 15 Windmills Main: Mosey to old court house: Team (one does exercise while other runs around court house) 100 (each side) Arm & Leg extensions while balancing on opposite foot 200

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THWM Suicides and Ark Loader Escalator

18 pax posted on a humid mid-August morning for a workout designed to go hard, reward winners with rest, and hit some cardio alongside some strength work. 2 minute max merkin. Mosey to bottom of THWM. THWM suicide (first gate and back, second gate and back, top of parking lot

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Have burpee, will travel

Warm Up: Windmill 10IC, Imperial Walker 10IC, 5 Burpees, WMH 10IC, AC 10IC, RAC, 5 Burpees Main Event: 3 Burpees, every minute on the minute for 15 minutes while moseying through the neighborhood. 5 rounds, 10 reps of pull-ups, dips or inverted rows. Different exercise chosen to adequately socially distance

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Pullin’ for the Canes

The real Stanley Cup playoffs start tonight, and YHC is stoked to see if the Canes can avenge last year’s sweep at the hands of the Bruins. Best spectator sport, IMO, and nothing better than playoff puck, even with no fans in the arena. As it happened, the Canes’ coach,

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Burpees on the bumps

8 PAX assembled for some movement and work at Riverside High School.  YHC has not Q’ed in a while, so I was happy to take the helm.  Fun was had by all.   Warmup SSH x 37 as PAX assembled 5 penalty burpees b/c Shake It’s M parked in front

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Pathfinder First WOD

YHC has signed up for the new Pathfinder Class (025) so what better way to incorporate workouts into the schedule than to Q them! It has been a while since adding weight into the workouts in the Northern Province while adhering to no shared equipment safety measures in place but

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A Full Deck

Warm-Up SSH x30 IW x12 LBAC+Reverse x12 Good Mornings x10 WMH x10 5 Burpees OYO   The Thang Worked through four sets of 13 exercises for the full 52. Each round the PAX chose a different exercise for each suit, while maintaining the theme of Hearts=cardio, Diamonds=some type of merkin,

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Record Breaking Territory

What a morning. Hooker Fields was the the place to be. All kids of gettin’ after it going on. ROTC, individual workouts, Blindside & Co, and of course the strong and loyal PAX (25 to be exact) who have made Tuesday mornings a habit for getting stronger, faster and some

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Here we go again…

At a certain point, doesn’t it feel like we’re doing the same thing each day in a different location… perhaps in a different order? Oh, it’s just my Qs. I see. Warm Up SSH, Seal Jacks, Smurf Jacks, tempo Merkins & squats ME Starting on the first parking stripe, bear

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