Below you will find all the backblasts for F3 Churham... They're Grrreat!

Dynamic S-U-P-E-R Dad Duo

Warmarama 15 IC-SSH, 10 forward arm circles, 10 reverse arm circles, 10 Michael Phelps, 5 Manafort Good Mornings, 10 Willie Mayes Hayes Balki and Vice became the dynamic super duo and worked on getting stronger and talked about being dads. Each of the following exercises were completed in a super

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A tour, some core and the Divine Nine

Warm-up. 35 Singlet Shuffle Hops. 10 Willie Mays Hayes. Some deep hammy stretches. A few arm circles. The Uptempo Action – We moved and then we cored as we toured beautiful Copperline Drive.   1. 5 slow merkins and 30 reverse crunches (10 with legs low, 10 with legs medium and 10 with legs high). 2.

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While the Cast is Away, the PAX Will Play

Due to circumstances which were partly within my control, YHC had the Q cast upon him after Castaway casted doubt on his availability.  but not because he was in a cast or anything serious like that.  The usual cast of characters was mostly in attendance with some of our regulars

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Round (and round) the Woods at The Vortex

Seven PAX capitalized on Summer Sunlight to work in a trail run @ Vortex. While we were waiting for the sun to rise, we did some other stuff. Here’s the scoop: WARMUP: Fellowship Lap SSH 20x Imperial Walkers Good Mornings Willie Mays Hays Hillbillies Arm Circles Seal Claps Overhead Claps

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WARM UP 10 Good morning (8 count) 25 SSH Hurdlers stretch Mosey to the wall 10 Dips 10 Step Ups Rinse and repeat Mosey to the circle The Thang 11’s Burpees up top Squats down under Mosey to the track Merkin (1/4) Mile – Indian Style 50 Merkins Mosey to

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F3 Churham

Fore at the Falcon!

Image-from-iOS-1 Having served as the Site-Q for Falcon for several years (Churham’s Premier Friday AO), #The_Falcon always has a favored place in YHC’s Heart and the opportunity to lead the workout there is always something special.  When Botched gave the preview of the Q tagging YHC on Slack, YHC had

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Leave It All on the Field

When I began posting regularly, I did not post on the weekend. I said “that’s my time!” Now I do every chance I have, because that’s my time! I began frequenting TBR in 2017 when average attendance might have been 7. Fast forward and average attendance is at 20, there

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The Inside-Out Murph

The Murph (1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 merkins, 300 squats, 1 mile run) is always a challenge.  There are ways to game it and to strategize, but it can’t be cheated.  YHC decided to turn it inside out to challenge the PAX this morning.   Warm-o-Rama SSH x 20

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Exicon Roulette and the Mountain Man

YHC took the Q last minute and settled in on the theme of Exicon Roulette… essentially a deep dive into “Routines” on the Exicon. It did not disappoint.   Warm Up: SSH 16 IC; LBAC Forward / Reverse 10-14 IC Mountain Man Poopers 10 IC Burpee Breakdown 5 IC – PAX

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Birds Arent Real

So today is national conspiracy day. At least it was at the big house. The plan was to get in a warm up while sharing some great conspiracy theories you can read about on the internet and then during the main event to give the history of the “Birds Aren’t

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S-U-P-E-R Dudes and Dads

EC- Splashback and Vice took on a pyramid of pain. Merkins, IC Squats, Overhead claps with weight, Mountain Climbers- simple but painful Warmup- 15 IC-SSH, 10 IC Arm Circles, 10 IC Reverse Arm Circles, 10 WMH, 10 Michael Phelps, 5 Manafort Good mornings, 10 IT-Merkins The Thang: Paying tribute to

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You could’ve done this in a parking lot

A morning of perfect weather greeted the PAX. A bit humid but not too bad for June in North Carolina. No one did EC, but a strong group still showed up for YHC’s first time Qing back at the Thicket since the pandemic. It was a good mix of guys

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