05/24/2022 The Rabbit – Catch them if you can

Warm-up: Ankles (10) Hip openers (10) Imperial walker (10) Armes circles forward (10) Armes circles backward (10) Sun salutation with calf stretches (2) Getting there: Mosey to get to the Wall AO. Main Event: Around the half-mile wall AO; one group runs ~10min/mile. The other lets it go and then try to catch up to […]

05/24/2022 The Vortex – Not So Lazy Dora

The forecast of thunderstorms was off. Newt and I were treated to superb weather. Funyon arrived a few minutes late which was actually pretty good considering he drove from Raleigh. That’s dedication! I’ve enjoyed giving my friend Deep Dish grief for arriving a couple minutes lately. His arrival at 0614 left me without words. That […]

Pet Names

Today’s question of the day: What were the names of your pet growing up? WARM-UP 15 SHH IC 10 Willie Mays Hayes IC 10 Good Mornings IC 10 OH Claps IC 10 Shuggah Shack Serves IC THE THANG Bermuda Triangle 5 merkins, bernie sanders to next spot 5 merkins, 10 WW2, mosey to next spot […]

Merkin mania at the bighouse

  WARM-UP Some stuff THE THANG (Reverse Pyramid WOD) Warm up lap and made the Wu-Tang Symbol Deck of cards split into three stacks. PAX draws card and does that many merkins Some laps in between Mosey to stairs for grizcalator MARY Some stuff Announcements BOM Thanks for coming out today fellas. Until next time, […]

05/21/2022 The Battering Ram – It’s the Final Qountdown

Stage 1: Started off with Controlled Articular Rotations, or CARs: https://youtu.be/ocVvCm6NdfA?t=703 Stage 2: Ricky Bobby – 1 lap around field, then up to Davis Library Stage 3: Murph preparations – As a pair, complete 100 Rows, 200-sec of (accumulated) balls-to-wall, 300 air squats. Stage 4: Ricky Bobby to Cobb Parking Deck Stage 5a: Parking Deck […]

05/20/2022 West End – Westend is Bestend

While I’ve co-q’d a few times at #westend I’ve never lead a full workout. Let me tell you…filling up 61 minutes ain’t easy especially when leading a great group of PAX like today. But we got through. Warmarama: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Hillbilly, WMH, Slow Merkins ME: Dora with Steps. 50 burpees, 100 squat, 150 Merkin […]

05/20/2022 Duck and Weave – Simple but not Easy

YHC signed up to Q to test the waters after DC star course last weekend. I decided to “test” the PAX fitness level to equalize everyone and see how they were able to respond (or something philosophical like that). Warm up SSH, Slow Merkins, Slow Squats Micheal Phelps. Mosey to Farmers market (Listening to F3 […]

05/19/2022 Tobacco Road – Improve Your Posture

Would you like to reduce or eliminate lower back pain, improve your posture, and boost your athletic performance? According to Healthline.com, that's what strengthening your posterior chain can do. Effectively working those muscle can be difficult without weights. Fortunately, The Tobacco Road crew loves them some weights! I had to tell them to stop pulling […]

05/18/2022 Rameses – Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying on THWM

When Flapjack asked YHC to consider a Q at the mother to our Churham AO, the only answer could be Aye. The Disclaimer. YHC forgot the 5th principle of F3 on this VQ while proving my amateurism: for those wondering, F3 is peer-led. Thanks Boucher! Warmarama After my first boot camp on new year’s eve […]

05/18/2022 House of Pain – Return to Your Roots

YHC has not posted at HoP for some time, but it's where the magic began. HoP was the site where I posted for the first time, under the leadership of Tuco. It was good to be back and to feel the punishing pain of the steel again. Warmuprama SSH / Windmill / WMH / LBAC […]