Below you will find all the backblasts for F3 Churham... They're Grrreat!

Every Monday, on the Monday

Cool morning in Hillsborough and 9 PAX joined YHC for a varied workout. Warm-Up – mosey to the traffic circle for a mixture of SSH, Willie Mayes Hayes, arm circles, body weight squats, overhead press, imperial walkers. Thang – start moseying to community college lot. Stop along the way for

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Spider-man merkin suicides and a surprise

10 PAX met in the Monday gloom for a promise of side shuffle hops and the intrigue of what might come after. YHC sort of forgot about his Q until a helpful reminder yesterday (thank you Yurt!), but fret not oh ye faithful PAX. It takes but only a minute

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Merkin MonLegDay

A little while back, Devil’s Ridge AOQ Bitcoin threw out an online poll, asking the PAX if they wanted to keep Devil’s Ridge start time delayed at 0600, or move it back to the original 0530 launch. YHC will typically hit The Eagle on Monday mornings, as he literally walks

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Top of the Deck to Ya

Warm Up SSH, imperial squat walkers, shoulder touch Merkins ME Mosey’d to the Bell Tower Deck. Climbed the stairs to the top. Bear crawled adding a shoulder touch merkin at each parking spot line. Table top till all in. Turned around and lunge walked adding an Imperial Squat Walker at

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Just Work

Nothing fancy… that’s what I’m known for. Thankful to see 17 pax this AM, including 6 for EC and 16 for coffeteria! EC 30 minute run including a trip on Lone Pine. 30 minute COW with battle rope, curls, rows, arm circles, clean ‘n press, and clean ‘n snatch. Warm

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Fake World History and French Dating Tips

Last month Marky Mark and Yanni put out the idea of a Blind Co-Q workout where two Qs would be told they were in charge the next morning and were given some themes to think about, but they weren’t told who their co-Q was until the start of the workout. 

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You don’t skip leg day

Warm-up: Run in place, Willie Mays, Imperial Walkers, Calf raises Mosey to courthouse: Hold Peoples chair while, one at a time, do:  20 Squats then Hold Peoples chair while, one at a time, do: 20 LBCs then Hold Peoples chair while, one at a time, do:  20 Jump Squats break: 

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Clapping Our Way Through History

Warm-up SSH x 20 Imperial Walkers x 10 Good Mornings x10 Willie Mays Hayes X 10 FAC/RAC x 10   Main Event No real theme for the day besides some interesting facts about October 21st along the way.   Ricky Bobby from AO around circle and down GRP to 1st

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Escalation at Kenan Stadium

YHC enjoyed a quick EC 5K with Brotox & Bumpdraft…good warm up and fellowship Warm up SSH IC x 20 Imperial walker IC x 10 Hillbilly IC x 10 WMH IC x 10 Harvester IC x 10 Good morning IC x 10 Arm circles (backwards big/small, forward, backwards) IC x

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Bear Crawls and Box Jumps

Warm up SSH x 20 IC, IW x 15 IC, OHC x 15 IC, Seal Claps x 10 IC, Mtn Climbers x 10 IC, Squats x 10 IC, 1 lap The THANG 21-15-9 (21 Bear Crawl IC, 15 Merkins, 9 Lunge Walk IC) x 3 to get about half-way around

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Recovery Burpees

YHC arrived early to find Gordo stretching and Botched/Soybean coming in from a 5k EC run.  We joked about the recovery burpees towards the end after being pretty gassed on those sequences.  Good work by all today! WARM UP: SSH x 37 10 IC Merkins WMH x 10 IW x

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#Cant Hurt Me

WarmUp: 32 x SSH High knees in place 5 oyo warmup burpees The thang: I have recently been listening to the David Goggins book, thanks to the awesome slack discussion of must read books. I was honestly hesitant to read any of the books, thinking myself to be above the

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