12/07/2022 The Earl – 5 Years of Moisture

It was 5 years ago that Ito approached YHC about starting an AO in Pittsboro to expand the imperial dominance of F3 Churham even further south. We had low expectations as nobody had ventured into circle city with any type of ambition before. Things started slow but over time The Earl has grown into the […]

12/07/2022 Conjunction Junction – PAX chasing PAX

The post-rain fog was still clinging to the trees as the PAX gathered around parking spot F3 for YHC's belated birthday Q. The scene was made all the more majestic by a brand new Conjunction Junction shovel-flag, courtesy of Nightshift. Warmarama: – SSH x42 – Willie Mayes Hayes x10 – Arm Circles x10 + Reverse […]

12/05/2022 Kenan – Birthday Hell Week

I started this week-long tradition of leading a workout each day during my birthday week. It was an unofficial tradition in F3 at one time. I believe it still is among a few PAX. This time, I chose to lead six consecutive workouts from Monday to Saturday. The patterns for the sites selected are different […]

Tour Mosaic @MorningWood

Stroll through Mosaic doing Squats & LBCs Warm-O-Rama : Good Mornings WMH IC Windmills Mountain Climbers IC SSH IC The Thang : Mosey to Circle     12 Squat Jumps Run to Bojangles     12 Squat Jumps     15 LBC BerneySanders to top of hill     15 Squat Jumps     20 […]

Zooks 5 Year

Today was YHCs 5 year F3 anniversary. Mine and Golden Pinky’s are a few days a part so I reached out to him to see if he had anything special in mind and honestly, to see if I could copy. Check it out here: https://www.f3austin.com/?p=6354 Question of the day “What is the the longest line […]

12/02/2022 The Falcon – Xs and Os

WARMARMA SSH x20 Imperial Walker x10 Michael Phelps x10 Little Baby Arm Circles x14 Reverse x14 Overhead Clap x10 Hillbilly x10 Ricky Bobby around parking lot Slow Squat x10 Slow Merkin x10 THE THANG Divided up into 4 groups Bataan Death Crawl with 5 burpees until every PAX had done burpees twice Then the 4 […]

12/02/2022 Honey Badger – Dirty-D Escalator to Nowhere

This morning was one of the coldest mornings of the season so far at 25 degrees. No doubt the cold put a damper on participation, but 3 brave PAX didn't let the cold hold them down. The goal for this morning was to start moving as quickly as possible and keep up the pace so […]

Opening Day @ TheKnight

On this official opening day of TheKnight, YHC thought a tour of the grounds was in order for the benefit of the non-natives. In addition, being his birthday, might as well incorporate some Burpees along the way. And why not do a bunch of 65 reps of a bunch of stuff. The ME was preceded […]

Merkin Miercoles Parte Dos: Los Alpinistos

Misery somewhat inadvertently debuted Merkin Miercoles at Rameses last week.  This week YHC added 2.25 miles of running on Tarheel Warrior Mountain to 250 merkins, hence the moniker Los Alpinistos.  An SLT member who shall, of course, go unnamed promoted and then cancelled an EC run and coupon work, which may be more crawfish than […]

11/30/2022 Hurricanrana – The summer soldier and the sunshine PAX

We stayed out of the rain and did three circuits of 3 – 60second exercises with weights and finished with Mary Circuit 1: Peter Parker, Frog Jump, Shoulder press Circuit 2: Mountain climber, Lunges, high pulls Circuit 3: Homer to marge, RDL, Merkins As the mornings get darker and gloomier, I wanted to offer a […]