Below you will find all the backblasts for F3 Churham... They're Grrreat!


With the smell of freedom in the air and the sun blazing down, 10 PAX thwarted the temptation of hitting the snooze button to be delivered a beat down on America’s birthday. Warm Up: SSH    x 25 WMH x 10 MC      x 10 Fellowship lap to the back corner  

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A trip down memory lane

Lots of good memories over 5+ years of F3.  So YHC decided to reach back in the files and dust off a few memorable moments from some campus locations. Warm-up Old School mosey up to the church lot with arms out the whole way – shout out to Avalanche. IW

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Title: Potpourri (Just Like on Jeopardy)   Warm-Up: Typical Stuff   Main Event Elevenses In Cadence Bear Crawl / Merkins. Do 10 merkins, then 1 in cadence bear crawl.  Then, 9 merkins and 2 ICBC.  So on and so forth, down to 1 merkin and 10 ICBC.  Combined total always

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Beach Muscles

18 PAX gathered in the gloom at House of Pain to get their July started right. There were 3 PAX that sought EC in the form of a pre-beatdown run. No FNGs today so circle up and let’s get started. Warm-up SSH x30 WMH x12 Hillybilly x12 LBAC/Reverse x14 5

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All About the Benjamins

15 Strong PAX today with a few for EC (Extra Credit) and 2 FNGs (Friendly New Guys). Great work on your first post Spiffy and Clueless. Hope to see you again soon WARM-UP Arm Circles (forward and reverse) IC x 10 Willie Mays Mayes IC x 10 Imperial Walker IC

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Spider-Man Burpees

3 PAX for EC 5k and 13PAX for the ME.  YHC was excited to Q #theeagle because it is a great site and my last attempt got botched due to the lock-down.  Well with the party back on, YHC wanted to come up with something new to turn it up

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Return to Action

YHC felt randy enough after a month convalescence from a high-hamstring pull to venture back into the world of F3 Qs. Nothing better on a sultry summer morning than the quiet elegance of Polk Place for some serious sweating. The Thang: Warmup: SSH x 20, IW x 10, Squat x

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Partner Whispers

YHC hasn’t Q’d a bootcamp in quite some time. When this happens, YHC always picks the Wall to get back into Q shape, likely given my history as site Q a few years back. YHC arrived to find 6 or 7 PAX already gathered and engaged in various mumble chatter.

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He’s a Brick House

EC 3 pax chose their blocks and YHC chose the playlist for a CROSS TABATA. Work 40 seconds and rest 20. Exercises included: Curls Rows Overhead press Swings Squats with block overhead Warm Up mountain climber, Merkins, hillbilly, squats, SSH What Had Happened Each pax chose his 2 red bricks

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Bring gloves.

5PAX for EC 5K and 14 PAX for the ME.  YHC was a little on the fence about being able to Q today due to some family stuff, but got that worked out and was ready to go.  Qing in the age of the virus can pose a few challenges

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Dora the Destroyer

EC – Posterior Chain Circuits 10 IC Inverted rows 10 tempo count Inverted rows 10 tempo count Single Leg deadlifts(each leg) 10 alt step back lunges 10 tempo count Superman repeat Warm Up Dry docks, Merkins, LBCs, squats, and  SSH. His down the the sidewalk and back. ME Paired up

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