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Celebrating Inauguration Day at Rameses

YHC was able to squeeze onto the Q Sheet at Rameses, which is always such an honor.  YHC swapped out Qs with Subprime as there was a hastily re-scheduled Men’s Basketball game with Syracuse last week and the new date happened to fall on Inauguration Day…Botched pointed out that YHC

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Taking it to 100

YHC was pumped to answer the call from Nightshift to come and Q Kenan for “Name That Q” Month. An AO that YHC doesn’t get to often, partially because of the slightly later time/kids early wake-ups, and partly because #the_eagle on Mondays is only ~250 yards from YHC’s house. But

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Devil Made Me Do It

Embarrassment of Cosmo Qs this week, as YHC has tried to ensure posting this month by taking as many available Q slots in January as possible. What this one lacked in creativity it made up for in suck. Everyone pushed hard and finished strong. 7 for EC ruck down and

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The evolution of man(maker)

13 masked PAX awaited YHC as I rolled up to the AO. I could hardly recognize the PAX in their winter cover ups but they were eagerly awaiting instruction. We got right to work. Warm-up SSH x 10 IC Cherry Pickers x 10 IC Slow Squats x 10 IC FAC

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Brass Monkey

A couple months ago, Flenderson messaged YHC and asked him about doing an anniversary co-Q as Flenderson was celebrating his 3-year F3 anniversary and YHC was celebrating my 2-year F3 Anniversary.  You see, Flenderson was Q’ing for his 1-year anniversary when YHC came out as an FNG.  YHC agreed to

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The Core. The Core. The Core.

Been three straight days of coupons for YHC, on top of the daily January bi’s and tri’s challenge, so the arms, back and chest needed a break. One of the beautiful things about Qing is the PAX are obliged to do what you tell them. So we focused solely on,

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We are not alone

YHC used to be an Eagle regular, but a change is work schedule has made it more difficult to start my week at one of Churham’s finest sites. Thankfully, the holidays allowed me to get back a couple of weeks ago and an abnormal Monday just happened to coincide with

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Old School Escalator

Opted to go with an Old School Escalator today. Warm-Up Double-Time SSHs Good Morning Main Event Perform a round, then take a lap.  Perform that round again along with the next round, then take a lap.  For example, 5 Burpees then a lap.  Next, 5 Burpees and 10 (IC) Merkins

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Can You Tell a Green Field From a Cold Steel Rail?

House of Pain is one of YHC’s favorite sites, so it’s always a privilege to lead here. Yunus, Crab Cake and Sweatervest got in an EC 5K, then a half dozen intrepid PAX got ready for a n0-frills beatdown that made liberal use of the signature feature of HOP, the

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Mando, Not Han Solo

Not a single HC as of 0500. I run to the AO. It was 30 degrees. I was trying to get mentally right for a Han Solo post, but 4 HIMS came through for me. For those of you who’ve not seen The Mandalorian series, what do you do with

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Max Power

“Nobody snuggles with Max Power. You strap yourself in and feel the Gs!” – Homer Simpson Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and YHC unashamedly lifted today’s proceedings from a Peppermint Pattie Q a few weeks back at TBL. It’s you versus you, essentially, with a nice accountability wrinkle

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Pyramid Tribute to Diego the Tortoise

Warm Up: 23x SSH Arm Circles 10x forward, 10x reverse 10x Imperial Walker 10x Hillbilly Run in place…high knees…butt kickers…high knees 10x Merkin, 10x MountainClimbers, 10x Merkin, 10x PlankJack, 10x merkin On this day in 2020 Diego the 100 year old giant tortoise retired to the Galapagos islands after his

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