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Tobacco Road

Peaceful Transfer of Power

Bellhop/Scapula Co-Q 2/25/2021 Warning!! We did NOT officially honor the 38 AOs or the 1084 PAX of CHURHAM today. Instead we focused on the outgoing Tobacco Road Site Qs, Cardiac and Floyd. It’s not quite time for Jim Nance and “One Shining Moment”, but that song was in my mind

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Tater Special – Favorite F3 Things

Four PAX met at 0510(ish) for a CoW – Circle of Weights Extra Credit (BYOlb) tclaps to Shake It, Chowdah, Magellan, and Spot for both showing up early and continuing to work through the peanut gallery that amassed as we drew close to 0531 (Durham Time). It’s a beautiful day

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No Running

Who loves to run? If you said I do, you’re weird… and you know it. I can say that cause I love to run, so I’m not judging others different than I judge myself. For whatever reason, most men avoid running like they avoid talking about their feelings despite the

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It’s only 10 Reps…

Warm Up: 10IC Windmill 10IC Hillbilly 10IC SSH 10IC WMH 10IC Michael Phelps 30 Second Stretch Mosey around the traffic circle Main Event: 10 ManMakers 10 IC Dead Bug 10 Absolution 10 IC Dead Bug 10 Burpees Run Traffic circle 1/3 Slow Mosey 2/3 Moderate 3/3 All out 10 Lateral

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Grip It and Rep It

To honor the 1,084 Churham PAX (and counting) listed on Slack, we busted out 1,084 reps at The Piranha today. YHC knows that 1,000ish reps is pushing what’s possible in 45 minutes, after he led a Devil’s Ridge workout back in 2019 honoring Coach K’s career wins at the time

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Making it to the “Show”

With all of the hard work my stellar Co-Q has done in bird-dogging Q’s throughout the entire Churham Region, including here at Kenan, it’s been tough to find a Q spot, but YHC was fortunate to grab today’s Q a few weeks back.  Our new Nant’an Te’o, (after recently taking

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6 PAX gathered at Riverside High to get the week started off correct. YHC left his home as the rain started to really come down, and by the time YHC got to Jolly Roger, the rain had petered out and we had a nice wet adventure ahead. 0530 hit, no typical

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Men at Merk

Merkin Monday is a grand tradition at Devil’s Ridge, so YHC felt honor-bound as a non-DR-regular to deliver on that front during a rare Q here. In response to the pre-blast, Sweatervest and Bitcoin attempted to out-exclamation-point themselves on Slack in eager anticipation of the merkin mania. The hype was

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Keep It 101

16 PAX enjoyed the Cosmo undercard at TBL, prelude to the big-shindig-that-is-not-a-convergence next Saturday for the coronation of Teo as new Churham Nantan (Apache for “chief.”) 5 got in an EC run and one did an EC ruck. Appreciative that most heeded YHC’s request to be circled up at 0700,

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The MLP 500

YHC turned 39 today (Tuesday) and decided to theme his Q after his renewed love of NASCAR. Was into as a kid, because my dad was, lost interest for 20 years and then rediscovered in during the pandemic when all the other sports were shut down. Something hypnotizing about watching

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Sticking to the plan

The weather forecast looked a bit hairy as YHC formulated the plan last night. To the point, where the workout itself was TBD awaiting the ok from The Falcon Kings Botched and OPEC. With that in mind, YHC mapped out a workout that would keep us mostly out of the

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F3 Late Show
Chapel Hill

Late Show with Spooky and Vice

F3 Paradise moved to the Late Show timeslot due to freezing rain and ice that was forecasted to start at 1am. Vice wanted to ensure he didn’t lose a bet to Maraschino which would result in one of them jumping into chilly Jordan Lake in early March.  Therefore, Vice came

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