09/28/2022 The Big House – A runner’s bootcamp – No running involved

Warm-up: Hip openers (10) Imperial walker (10) Armes circles forward (10) Armes circles backward (10) Good mornings (5) SSH (20) — Hip hop 10 (each leg) – side hip openers 10 (each leg) – heel/knee tap 10 (each leg) – pigeon wing extension — 5 push ups ring of fire — — Squat-galore: 20- Squats […]

Embrace What You Hate

YHC heard the whispers throughout the workout. “I thought he hated running?” He still does. But that’s the point. A late opening on the Q sheet, and some terrific weather, was the ideal scenario to hit the hills and embrace what YHC loathes. WARMUP SSH, WMH, AC (forward only) THE THANG It’s a pretty simple […]

08/24/2022 The Big House – Getting Jacked

Warmup: SSH, Manafort Good Morning, Smurf Shuffle Hop, Willy Mays Hayes, Cheerleader, Harvester, up straddle hop, windmill/abevigoda, Fairy Jack OYO, arm circles, cotton eyed joe, apollo onos, plank jacks, surrender, seal jacks, slow squats, Star Jacks, paula abdul, Jackees, slow merkins The Thang: Mosey around the clubhouse. Partner up with one partner doing mountain climbers, […]

Choose Your Own Adventure

After reaching the pinnacle of fartsacks in the not too distant past I decided I had no more reason to fartsack so I got up and marched down to the clubhouse with  a band of merry men.. Warm-Up SSH x 20 IC WMH x10 IC Good Mornings x10 IC Imperial Walker x10 IC After warm-ups […]

Home is where you make it

Today’s question: What are all the locations you have ever lived in? The Warmup Some old school stretching The Thang Devils Mile 1/4 mile bear crawl 1/4 mile crab walk 1/4 mile lunge walk 1/4 mile overhead carry We spilt this up into 4 rounds so it was essentially .6 mile of each excercise and […]

The Crossett Fit Games

  Todays workout I got from the below post of F3 nation’s facebook page. Life is precious, treat it a such   From Eric William Heck (Dynamite in the Gloom). I’m a PAX member of F3 Lehigh Valley, PA. I’m reaching out on behalf of all F3 Lehigh Valley PAX to share tragic news and […]

06/29/2022 The Big House – Star BOMBS over Briar Chapel

A big thanks to Bump Draft for putting me on the Q Sheet for my first trip to The Big House. After some Google Earth Recon, and a text exchange with Rambler, I found my workout location, the big round about in front of the Briar Club. With a focus on a full body workout, […]