Merkin mania at the bighouse

  WARM-UP Some stuff THE THANG (Reverse Pyramid WOD) Warm up lap and made the Wu-Tang Symbol Deck of cards split into three stacks. PAX draws card and does that many merkins Some laps in between Mosey to stairs for grizcalator MARY Some stuff Announcements BOM Thanks for coming out today fellas. Until next time, […]

Pool bods in the making

Today’s question of the day: How did you meet your significant other? WARM-UP WMH IC x 10 Michael Phelps IC x 10 Mountain Climbers IC x 10 Calf Stretch 10 count each leg Arm Circles IC x 10 Tricep Stretch 10 count THE THANG (Reverse Pyramid WOD) All in cadence 50 SSH 40 OH Claps […]

Home Sweet Home

  Today was a day I’ve long had circled on my calendar. This would be the first Bighouse post I’d be able to make after my return to BC. Its been a long 4 months of homelessness for YHC (127 days – but who’s counting…) but thanks to lots of family and friends  – I’ve […]


Warm-Up -Spine Twists into Kidney Knockers -Arm Circles -Motivators – thanks Paper Jam for leading this. -Parker Peter Mountain Climbers – slow and deliberate -Waist Outlaws -HillBilly Jacks -Willie Mays Haze Main Event -Ascension Jump Squat Twists – Like a Bobby Hurley but both arms going up on the ascent and twisting 180 degrees. X […]

Groundhog Day Big House Style

YHC was on the calendar for next week (Feb 9th), but Nitro reached out with a request to swap weeks due to some potential travel.  The swap was happily made before finding out my newly inherited date was Groundhog Day (Feb 2nd).  Even Better!!! Warm-Up Side Shuffle Hops x10 IC Imperial Walkers x10 IC Slow […]

01/26/2022 The Big House – War On The Body

Plagiarized a workout from Sweats verbatim: First Challenge – 20 1-minute Intervals The first 20 minutes is to be completed EMOM (every minute on the minute). Exercises are simple: merkins and squats. Set a timer for one minute, and do one push up and one squat, then rest until the next minute comes. Each minute, […]

Run Out, Work Back

7 PAX were ready to go this morning at The big house. One brave PAX talked about how awesome EC is when its cold, its dark, and your all by yourself at the pull up bars. 1 PAX showed up late and caught us as we began our mosey Todays question of the day: What […]

Don’t Google Merkins

A frigid 24 degrees awaited the heartiest of PAX for another installment of The Big House. This episode featured the miseducation of Sugar Shack on the origin of Merkins and guidance to Google image search in order to discover the true origin. It was suggested that a work computer be used while Chum’s boss might […]

An Un-Dora

This workout is originally designed as a 3-man Dora. Made some mods to eliminate the counting, focus on form, and facilitate mumble chatter/fellowship. Warm Up Typical Stuff Also took time to review five tenets of F3: 1. Free 2. Open to all Men 3. Occurs outdoors, rain or shine 4. Peer led in a rotating […]

Dirty MacDeucing at The Big House

The Dirty Macdeuce has quietly risen to the top of YHCs favorite workouts. It checks all the boxes for me: Running, upper body, lower body, and core. It’s 4 circuits of 3 exercises done to 12 IC reps. Each set has one chest exercise, one leg exercise and one core exercise. 1/2 mile ‘yog’ between […]