Grip It and Rep It

To honor the 1,084 Churham PAX (and counting) listed on Slack, we busted out 1,084 reps at The Piranha today. YHC knows that 1,000ish reps is pushing what’s possible in 45 minutes, after he led a Devil’s Ridge workout back in 2019 honoring Coach K’s career wins at the time of 1,059. (Very out of […]

Take Your Block to Work Day

Warm-up Good morning x10 Arm circles (front back) x20 IW x20 Ski abs x10 20 Merkins Oyo ME – Take Your Block to Work Day Pax headed over to the block pile and split up in two teams on either ends of the bollards.   One Pax takes his block to work stopping at each […]

Max Power

“Nobody snuggles with Max Power. You strap yourself in and feel the Gs!” – Homer Simpson Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and YHC unashamedly lifted today’s proceedings from a Peppermint Pattie Q a few weeks back at TBL. It’s you versus you, essentially, with a nice accountability wrinkle thrown in there. Mine differed […]

Determined to Prosper

YHC was excited to take the reins for the first Piranha of the year, and even more excited that this fell on my birthday. As you guys are painfully aware, I typically enjoy Qs with themes, props, plots and puns. After a little research for the number 48, I was completely underwhelmed by what I […]

2020: No Ragrets at The Piranha

No Ragrets 12/29/20 (if TL:DR….the message is to live with No Ragrets and not just EMBRACE the positive, but BE the positive!) YHC was excited to have the last Q of the year at the Piranha. My 2020 did not start too well, having ruptured my Achilles tendon and undergoing surgical repair on 12/23/2019. I […]

Earning our Christmas cookies

4 PAX met in the early gloom for some Aquamanmaker EC action and 10 PAX were all-in for the ME. YHC wanted to push it a little bit harder today in anticipation of a couple weeks full of Holiday festivities and Christmas cookies. So that’s just what we did… Warmup: Happy Jacks x20 (after the […]

Block Party

The cache of cinderblocks donated recently by noted fitness expert/mensch Pallino have already gotten a lot of use. May get to the point, a la the steel at House of Pain, where it will be the rare Q that doesn’t incorporate them somehow. Decided to go all in on the cinderblock today, with an emphasis […]

swinging cinder blocks

While recently listening to a podcast featuring guest Dan John, he described his 10,000 kettlebell swing challenge. It sounded miserable and manly (something Cosmo would enjoy), and so, the PAX did a little test run of 500 swings. 19 more days of that would complete the challenge. To their credit, the PAX got through all […]

Billy Madison Goes Back to School

This week students, educators, and staff are heading back to school in a manner none could have predicted. This may be the most  bizarre start to a school year since 1995 when a childish and spoiled 27-year-old heir to a Fortune 500 company had to complete all 12 grades in two-week intervals to prove he […]

Pullin’ for the Canes

The real Stanley Cup playoffs start tonight, and YHC is stoked to see if the Canes can avenge last year’s sweep at the hands of the Bruins. Best spectator sport, IMO, and nothing better than playoff puck, even with no fans in the arena. As it happened, the Canes’ coach, former captain and fitness freak […]