Making it to the “Show”

With all of the hard work my stellar Co-Q has done in bird-dogging Q’s throughout the entire Churham Region, including here at Kenan, it’s been tough to find a Q spot, but YHC was fortunate to grab today’s Q a few weeks back.  Our new Nant’an Te’o, (after recently taking over for Riggs and Adolphus), […]

Amateur Hour Debut!

Warm-up: SSH x25, Good morning x10, imperial walker x11, hillbillies x10, plank jack x10, slow merkins x10 ME: Patmos-lead 1 2 3 Dora (modified) with 100 merkins, 15o squats, 200 LBC’s between partners — one partner runs across the field and back, one does the exercise then switch/ Disc lead “Mack Browns”: 14 merkins, run […]

We’re Getting Younger

I’ve been impressed by the condition of the pax at Kenan, especially considering the average age. It wasn’t uncommon to have up to half the pax get respect during nam-o-rama! Recently we’ve been blessed with an influx of youth. Almost half present today can still be on their parents’ health care! It’s inspiring to see […]

Taking it to 100

YHC was pumped to answer the call from Nightshift to come and Q Kenan for “Name That Q” Month. An AO that YHC doesn’t get to often, partially because of the slightly later time/kids early wake-ups, and partly because #the_eagle on Mondays is only ~250 yards from YHC’s house. But a fun location; many nearby […]

Pyramid Tribute to Diego the Tortoise

Warm Up: 23x SSH Arm Circles 10x forward, 10x reverse 10x Imperial Walker 10x Hillbilly Run in place…high knees…butt kickers…high knees 10x Merkin, 10x MountainClimbers, 10x Merkin, 10x PlankJack, 10x merkin On this day in 2020 Diego the 100 year old giant tortoise retired to the Galapagos islands after his high libido is credited with […]

5 HCs means 17 PAX

Today YHC was a mystery Q at Kenan.  This was a step outside of the comfort zone, having never attended a Kenan bootcamp before – but it was fun.  Qing is always a step outside the comfort zone for this correspondent.  Looking at the Slack channel, one could see there were about 5 HC’s, so […]

Up & Down

Warm Up SSH, imperial squat walker, inchworm merkins, 10 burpees OYO Yada Yada Each pax chose a stair to climb taking 10 trips up and down completing a corresponding number of burpees on each return to the field. That’s 55 burpees. Lined up on the goal line. OYO, stay in your lane. Up & down […]

Qing from the 6

Q adrenalin is real! For some mysterious reason, leading a workout makes a man stronger and faster… except today that is. I planned the last pax in to begin a 10 count. That pax was me 75% of the time today. Maybe I could’ve gone faster… maybe. I would’ve certainly shortened my range of motion […]

Top of the Deck to Ya

Warm Up SSH, imperial squat walkers, shoulder touch Merkins ME Mosey’d to the Bell Tower Deck. Climbed the stairs to the top. Bear crawled adding a shoulder touch merkin at each parking spot line. Table top till all in. Turned around and lunge walked adding an Imperial Squat Walker at every line. Plank till all […]

Escalation at Kenan Stadium

YHC enjoyed a quick EC 5K with Brotox & Bumpdraft…good warm up and fellowship Warm up SSH IC x 20 Imperial walker IC x 10 Hillbilly IC x 10 WMH IC x 10 Harvester IC x 10 Good morning IC x 10 Arm circles (backwards big/small, forward, backwards) IC x 20 Mountain climbers IC x […]