Simple but hard equals hardly simple

  YHC designed a workout that involved a ton of pullups, running, and stair work at The Forest Theater.  However, Boucher offered to open the gates to Kenan Stadium a few minutes before the workout started and there’s no way I was going to let that opportunity pass me by.  As we warmed up, I […]

Loonie is BACK BABY

It was an honor to be asked by Boucher to be a part of #Respect month at Kenan, although I will admit it was a bit intimidating – it has been well over a year since I last Q’d. I arrived a bit early for the usual KBELL swings and warm up (but let’s be […]

Closing Ceremony Celebration

The ‘Mercans won the medal count again after two glorious, though COVID- delayed, Olympic weeks. The heart of our workout revisited the winning 113 total US medals won by our hard-working athletes. They bagged 39 gold, 41 silver and 33 bronze medals. Before it was all said and done, we all got a touch of the twisties.   […]

Return to the Scene

It was great for YHC to be back in the F3 saddle this morning at Kenan, to see some familiar faces and new ones. Believing there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, we pulled out a pretty standard in-stadium regimen, and an excellent time was had by all.   The Thang:   Warmup SSH x […]

Mad Respect

Despite being smack dab in the middle of UNC’s campus, Kenan consistently has numerous men over 50. This morning 50% of those posting we over 50! Warmarama Arm Circles, Hillbilly, SSH, burpees, and a long mosey to Hooker Main Event 5 rounds: 100 foot Bear Crawl 100 foot Standing Broad-Jumps; three Burpees after every five […]

@Moore blocks

Warm-up Various Exercises   Main Event Headed over to Hooker Fields Cross Field alternating movements -Lunge Walk/Sprint Grab an @Moore Block (cinder block) Travelled around the field (any breaks do 5 squats). Once you get to a corner, do burpees until everyone arrives Width of field – one arm farmers carry At Corner – 20 […]

Old and New Friends

This week Churham is placing a little extra emphasis on the form of common exercises: Merkin, Squat, and Burpee. It just so happens the world’s record for most push ups in an hours was beaten yesterday by a dude in Charlotte. He complete 3,050!!! It demonstrates why we need to focus on form. We’re not […]

Campus Tour

With Spring Break kicking off for many PAX it was great to see some of the regulars out in the gloom. YHC has missed the last 2 weeks at Kenan, so taking the Q was the motivation needed to ensure attendance. We’ve been giving Kenan Stadium and Hooker Fields quite a workout the past few […]

1 Timothy 4:8

You know I love Hero and Tribute WODs. It’s as close to a theme as you’re likely to get when this simpleton has the Q. My hero is Jesus. Today’s plan is intended as the first of many Tributes to the one who saves. Bible scripture will serve  triple duty. Firstly, it will provide a […]

One Grinding Moment

Didn’t plan it this way, but just so happened to grab the Q at Kenan during the first week of March Madness. So really had no choice but to theme the workout on UNC’s impressive overall track record in the NCAA Tournament. No one bothered with EC other than Nightshift’s warm-up jog. Probably just as […]