Dora! Dora! Dora!

Beautiful Saturday morning for some TBL festivities. Mueller led a brief dynamic stretching session for many of us before 14 gathered at 0700 for the ME Standard warm-up then it was time for fun with Dora. We moseyed to end line and partnered up. A few wrinkles added to the standard Dora format of 100, […]

07/30/2022 Thin Blue Line – The Dog Days of Summer at #Thin Blue Line

"Oh, the choices we make" uttered by several Pax before the workout had started and as sweat perceptibly enveloped everyone present. We completed an extended warm up with some old standards a few additions and then moved to agility work. We got our bodies ready to endure the humidity with a series of movements to […]

07/16/2022 Thin Blue Line – Three introverts walk into …

an AO and basically say not much at all. And it was good. Should have suspected, when the day before, there were zero HCs on Slack that numbers might be on the low side. But, I just thought that maybe HCs aren't a thing north of I-40. No worries, stout and hardy were the men […]

06/25/2022 Thin Blue Line – A little bit of this and a little bit of that

YHC had been struggling with various physical ailments (shoulder, neck, and achilles) but woke up this am feeling ok. That being said, out of an abundance of caution, decided to focus on strength building more than cardio. It was a beautiful summer day. Warm up: SSH, WMH, Manafort GM, IW, HB, MC, PePa, PaPe, and […]

05/21/2022 Thin Blue Line – What goes up, must come down

Good to get back into the swing of Q'ing. It had been a while. Warm up: 25× SSH 10× IW 10× HB 10× WMH 20× MC 15× LBAC & RLBAC Mosey around the field to the back corner. ME: Thinking the night before what could make for a simple, yet brutal beatdown. The result? I […]

04/16/2022 Thin Blue Line – Changing of the Guard

YHC used to be a regular at TBL, but had stopped posting on Saturdays. What better way to get back at it than taking the Q? Or better yet, signing up to be co-site Q? OG Peppermint Pattie had decided to step down and YHC jumped at the opportunity to step up. TBL is a […]

04/09/2022 Thin Blue Line – Burpees, Bear Crawl, and Rocks…oh my!

Great to have some camaraderie with our fellow Saturday site this AM. Let's get to it. Warm up: 25 × Side Shuffle Hops 10 × Willie Mays Hayes 10 × Good Mornings 15 count × Bat Wings (15 of LBAC, RLBAC, Seal Claps, and Overhead Claps) 5 Burpees OYO The THANG Mosey to the rock […]

03/26/2022 Thin Blue Line – Busted Bracket? We’ve Got You Covered.

Good to get back out to this site after pulling back-to-back fart sacks. Can't get in the habit of that. And when there's basketball fever going around and both local teams make the Elite 8, you gotta strike while the iron is hot. Warmup SSH × 25 WMH × 10 IW/HB × 10 MC × […]

03/12/2022 Thin Blue Line – The old guys will show you how it’s done!

100% chance of rain and the possibility of thunderstorms kept most PAX safely in their beds. However, three PAX slipped on our orthoepic shoes and shuffled our way to TBL. Some very solid numbers this morning (when looked at combined age- NOT total number of PAXs). As I pulled into the AO this morning, Led […]

01/29/2022 Thin Blue Line – Winter Wonderland Block Work

WARM UP SSH Imperial Walkers Willie Mayes Hayes Mountain Climbers Arm Circles front/back THE THANG 1. Cinder block curl/Overhead press 5 rounds of 20 reps of each Ice dancing/quick feet down parking lot and across soccer field. 2. Cinderblock Row/Cinderblock chest press 5 rounds of 20 reps of each Mosey to basketball court. Ring of […]