08/09/2022 The Rabbit – Return to the Rabbit

YHC finally recovered from COVID and a whirlwind trip across Europe. Good to be back out in the gloom and to see everyone again. I promised the PAX an extended warmup and 4 miles and that’s what they got. WARMORAMA – SSH x8 IC Butt kicks x8 IC Knee hugs x 8 IC Frankenstein x […]

The return of Iron Lung

Warm-up SSH x 10 IC Toy Soldiers x 10 IC Hip cars x 10 IC WMH x 10 IC Main Event 4 mile run at a 10:30 pace (aka the slowsey). strava segment “Rabbi” (shortened Rabbit route) announcements 2nd F this Thursday at TBD BC AO prayers for Doug Schwartz surgery (prostate cancer) Summer Solstice […]

05/24/2022 The Rabbit – Catch them if you can

Warm-up: Ankles (10) Hip openers (10) Imperial walker (10) Armes circles forward (10) Armes circles backward (10) Sun salutation with calf stretches (2) Getting there: Mosey to get to the Wall AO. Main Event: Around the half-mile wall AO; one group runs ~10min/mile. The other lets it go and then try to catch up to […]

05/10/2022 The Rabbit – The Rabbit Slowsey

I often hear that the Rabbit and other running AOs are hard for the runner-curious crowd or simply those that run but can’t keep up with the likes of Jinx, Nescafé, FF, and other Rabbit Regulars. I’m in that latter category, too. So when I read about the benefits of Zone 2 (Heart Rate) training, […]

04/12/2022 The Rabbit – 5 years but only 4.25 miles

I realized last night that I had just surpassed my 5 year F3 Anniversary I er the weekend. Hard to believe it’s been that long since I was introduced to Adolphus, guest Q that week at the Thicket, Chatham’s only AO at the time. It hurt so good That I kept coming back for more. […]

03/22/2022 The Rabbit – Twice-told Tales

It's easier to be a good rucker than it is to be a good runner. A human can learn to lift a 100-pound sandbag, and then move it a pre-determined distance in a relatively short period of time. Racing a specified distance at a respectable pace is more difficult. This isn't meant to diminish Green […]

03/08/2022 The Rabbit – Warming to the Tempo Run

I promised something for everyone in an effort to get Brotox out this morning. And it worked!! The red F150 rolled in right on time. Warm up – Good Mornings x 10 IC – Butt Kicks x 10 IC – WMH x 10 IC – Plank calf stretches Main Event – Proper warm-up yog at […]

03/01/2022 The Rabbit – Basically It Q’s Itself

First Tuesday of the Month meant it was another chance to run the old reliable Rabbit 8K loop. 3 Pax had working alarms and doubled up the loop for to make it a Ten Mile Tuesday. 10 joined in for the ME 5 miles. It was a great crowd for the first post Tuesdays on […]

02/22/2022 The Rabbit – Eyes Wide Toy Story

YHC made his annual pilgrimage to the Rabbit. My reputation preceded me, and almost all of the Rabbit regulars dispersed. Perhaps trying to give away the Q was not an effective preblast. Never mind. I woke up feeling relatively sprightly. Warm-a-Rama 5 burpees OYO (to disabuse anyone of the notion that this would be a […]

TOI at #therabbit: Circle of Life

YHC ran with the rabbits pretty consistently but fell off last year as I got sucked into the routine of bootcamps and out of running. I made an appearance a couple of weeks ago in prepartion for todays Q and nope it didn’t prepare me but after a good crowd gathered the festivities began..   […]