Merkin Monday at DR

6 PAX gathered in the muggy gloom at Devil’s Ridge. YHC had promised a “Merkin Monday” workout, and did not want to disappoint. Warmup SSH x 25 Harvester x 12 WMH x 10 LBAC/Reverse x 12 each   Had a lot to get done, so we kept the warm-up short and proceeded directly to the […]

Merkin Mile and Cinder Blocks

Warm Up SSH x 25 WMH x 10 Good morning x 10 Little baby arm circles x 10 Harvester x 10 Imperial walkers x 15 Slow Merkins x 10 The Thang Misery Mile 4 laps around Duke track First lap – Stop at each quarter (of the quarter mile track) for incrementing Merkins 10 reps, […]

Blocks and Track(le)

With Sweatervest on quarantine from a recent COVID exposure, YHC jumped at the chance to take over the Q at Devil’s Ridge. YHC wanted to get the PAX out to the Duke track, which was fresh off hosting the ACC Outdoor Track & Field Championships. Always fun to run fast. But this isn’t the Goat […]

04/25/2022 Devil’s Ridge – Bump in the Rope

It was a great morning today to kick off a solid week of F3! With no FNGs, we jumped right in! WARM UP SSH x 44 WMH x 12 Good Morning x 12 Batwing x 10 (LBAC, RLBAC, Seal Claps, OH Claps, OH Press) Hillbilly x 12 THE THANG With 12 PAX, we grabbed 3 […]

Parking Deck Suicide Pyramids

As of Sunday afternoon, both Jolly Roger and Devil’s Ridge had need of Q’s. YHC DM’d Bitcoin and proposed a Q swap. With YHC announced as the Q, the HCs started pulling in. Botched and YHC got in a little 5k to warm-up for the festivities. 10 PAX in total for a cold gloomy morning […]

Hail To The Chiefs

After a dalliance with a potential 7am start time for Presidents’ Day, we decided to stick with 5:30 after all. We kicked it off with: Warm Up SSH Good Morning Willie Mays Hayes Imperial Walker Hillbilly Arm Circles Bitcoin Merkin x 8—We did 8 in honor of the 8th President, Martin Van Buren. Some fun […]

01/31/2022 Devil’s Ridge – Needed 10

The HCs were slow to come yesterday for my taste. I made an appeal on Slack that my plan needed 10 PAX. We had 7 attend with 6 HCs. While an excellent HC/attendance ratio, we were still a little short of the 10 I called out. Fortunately, my plan didn't really need a specific number. […]

Festivus, Santa’s Sacks and Balls at Devil’s Ridge

With the holiday season upon us, I thought we would have some fun with a new toy and so I built some 15 lb sacks. These turned out to be pretty durable and I really thought they would be great to get a good workout. Warmarama- SSH, Manafort Good Mornings 12 days of F3 Festivus- […]

Hop to Merkins

11 PAX Gathered in the gloom on an unseasonably warm December day at Devil’s Ridge. After regular introductions and disclaimers, YHC started the PAX off with a fairly standard… Warm-up SSH x 25 Imperial Walker x 15 Hillbilly x 15 LBAC/Reverse x 15 WMH x 15 Merkin x 10 IC BWS x 10 IC   […]

Merkins and Harbaughs

Warm Up 6 Burpees OYO.  As promised – one burpee for every point that the Browns lost by.  Ravens 16, Browns 10. SSH x 20 WMH x 10 Good morning x 10 Harvester x 10 Mountain Climber x 20 Imperial Walker x 20 Slow Merkin x 10   The Thang Run to the parking deck […]