07/08/2022 Bastille – Mercy?!?!? You’re Welcome

Warmup – SSH, Manafort Bonjours, Arm Circles The Main Event As a group, did some exercises together Alors on danse – High knees and butt kicks with each Pax doing a burpee when Stromae said “alors on danse” La Marseilles –surrender on my cadence Around the World – Hold plank and then spin or merkin […]

06/03/2022 Bastille – Celebrating the NBA Finals F3 Style

First off, I did the PAX list by memory and think I got it all — to me that might be the most impressive thing about the entire Q. Last year around this time I Q'd Bastille with a Giannis Antetakoumpo inspired theme to celebrate his NBA championship. This year it is all about the […]

05/27/2022 Bastille – It’s the Burpee Countdown

Warm Up: 20 SSH IC 5 Burpees OYO 20 Imperial Walkers 5 Herpees (Hand Release Burpees) OYO 20 Harvester IC 5 Jackees (Burpee with instead of jump) 20 Arm Circles 5 Burpees OYO 15 Good Morning Manafort Style Main Event: Short mosey over to the pond for ME. ME consisted of sets of decreasing reps […]

Conga Line

Beautiful 50 degree morning with a light breeze. Low humidity – another perfect spring morning. Pax were surprised to hear Gloria Estefan singing “Conga” when YHC approached.  Explanation and demonstration was given to explain how to perform a “Conga Line” workout.  In simple terms, you follow the leader, rinse and repeat (often). Warm-up SSH, Imperial […]

Partner AMRAP

Temp was a humid 42 degrees with a mist in the air. Fourteen pax circled up for a Spooky beat-down. Thang One: Partner up.  One partner runs 200 meters.  The other partner performs AMRAP of an exercise.  Switch to complete a set. Nine sets: Set 1 – Partner A: Candlesticks, Partner B: run 200 meters. […]

Terrible Ideas

Warm-a-Rama 30 IC SSHs 20 IC IWs 10 IC WMHs 5 Super-Slow Merkins (5 count down, 5 count hold at the bottom, 5 count up) 10 IC Bird Dogs 10 IC Mountain Climbers 5 Super-Slow Squats (5 count down, 5 count hold at the bottom, 5 count up)   Mosey to the hockey rink, and […]

Fireworks before the Storm

Conditions were very warm but a storm was moving in fast.  Temps were a balmy 62 degrees for early Feb. Plenty of wind from the storm. Fourteen  pax circled up for a Spooky beat-down. Thang One: Mosey to roller rink (aka The Arena) to get in some running before the rain.  Count Chocula requested fireworks […]

Oktoberfest Arsche Treten

Oktoberfest ends on the first Sunday of October.  Officially it was cancelled this year, but would normally start this weekend.  In the spirit of bruderschaft, Bastille was Munchen for today. Warmup – 20 Seite Mischen Hupfen, 10 Willy Mays Hayes, 10 Manaforts, Mosey around the Lake The Main Event took place in the Beer Hall […]

Friday the 13th

Friday 13th Workout

Friday the 13th! Humid 72 degree morning. YHC arrived at 0510 to set-up the AO.  Four dozen flicking candles, plastic carcasses, dozen plastic body parts, knives / Jason mask, buckets of plastic bones, bluetooth speaker – now we are ready for a Friday the 13th Q.   Warm-up SSH, Squats, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Arm Circles […]

A Thunderous Tour

Today started with a bang.  Many a PAX, including YHC, were awoken by the angry clouds.  Churham’s resident–and self-appointed–Chief Safety Officer, Uzi, arrived at the AO early and provided reports–some were about weather, but most were not.  Audible was called, and Bump Draft’s EC was postponed to after ME.  YHC thought he was going to […]