The Wall Black Friday Sale

Thanksgiving day eating is something YHC looks forward to all year. Post-Thanksgiving guilt, not so much. Getting Black Friday off to a good start with a beatdown was key to overcoming that certain feeling of overeating and over drinking that comes with the season. YHC was happy to signup to Q in order to ensure […]

Sunnyside Thanksgiving: your jellybeans are served

Introduction: Sunnyside fell on Thanksgiving weekend this year which is kind of fun. For the PA X available this weekend who could convince their M’s and 2.0’s to work out in the cold I promised hot cider-teeria (all sold out, so hot chocolateeria) following the workout, and was smarter this time in that I had […]

So Much To Be Thankful For

The special Thanksgiving convergence edition of Bullpen at the Devil’s Ridge AO. We do indeed have so much to be thankful for, and gratitude is a practice that we can all benefit from developing in ourselves. WARMUP:SSH x20Imperial Walkers x10Harvesters x10Good Mornings x10Slow Merkins x10 THE THANKS (today instead of THE THANG)We moseyed around the […]


Warm Up: 10 IC Hillbilly, 10 IC Windmill, 20 IC SSH, 10 IC WMH, 10 IC AC, 10 IC RAC Unibrow saved YHC from a solo post so I rewarded him by taking a scenic run to the hill behind Boshamer Stadium for some hill repeats. Here’s what we did: Partner 1- AYG to the top […]

Not Badassery

Warm Up: 25 SSH, 10 IC AC, 10 IC RAC, 10IC WMH, 10 IC Slow Merkin ME:YHC assumed @Yanni was showing off his toughness wearing shorts and a long sleeve on a sub-freezing morning until he assured us he was not being a bad ass just dumb for not paying attention to the weather. We […]

The Dealer Always Wins

YHC continued with his preparations for what will likely be a Thursday of overindulgence by grabbing the Q this week at #Vortex. It was a beautiful, clear, crisp morning and YHC had a couple of things in mind for today’s workout. Warmup: SSH, WillieMays, IW, AC, OC, MC, and plank jacks. Ricky Bobby mosey around […]

Go, Go, Go, Go! Roll, Roll, Roll, Roll!

A quick joint BB from Saturday’s festivities at TBL. Potter and Houdini, Malware’s and YHC’s 2.0s, respectively, put their name on the Romper Room Q sheet for this Saturday a while back. YHC noticed last week the TBL Q sheet was open, so grabbed it and got Malware to co-Q. A Dees-Foreman takeover! At TBL, […]

Preparing for Thanksgiving

YHC always enjoys a quick trip up north to post at The Rock so when I saw the Q sheet was open for this week, I jumped on it. Both Elwood and Blackball were nice enough to join me for this workout with our brothers from Hillsborough. Warm up: Burpees, SSH, Willie Mays, IW, Hillbilly, […]

Holiday Week Beckons

Eight PAX gathered outside Kenan Stadium Monday with YHC making a return to posting after a month on the sidelines from an Achilles tendon injury. I can’t run on flat ground but can pound stairs (the physiological reasons for that beyond my limited abilities of comprehension). So with Kenan Stadium having stairs out the wazoo, […]

Paving the Way

YHC was limited last week after suffering an injury at the Race Across Durham. Being out of action can be lonely, so YHC jumped at the chance to lead the PAX this morning. Warm-Up: All in cadence BWS x10 Good Morning x10  LBAC: Forward x10, Reverse x10 Merkins x10 Mountain Climbers Christmas came early as […]