Super-Broken Devil’s Mile 2.0

YHC came to know of the Devil’s Mile via Uzi, who is on the IR, but whose presence would be felt in this workout.  YHC makes no apology for reprinting here the opening lines of “Uzisses”: It little profits that an idle king At Caribou, among these barren crags, I mete and dole SEAL burpees […]

06/25/2022 Animal House – AH Exploration: Part 1: Dora Style

Warm Up: SSH Arm Circles Willy Maze Haze Imperial Walker Harvester Slow Merkins Slow Squats The Thing; Adventures around Estes Elementary: Mosey to Estes car park Use the island to kick us off with some Dora (the explorer!): 100 Merkins 200 Squats 300 LBCs Mosey down to the blacktop playground: Peoples Chair Balls to the […]

05/13/2022 Animal House – Take my breath away…

As we gear up for the new Top Gun movie, YHC took the PAX's breath away with an always moving, high tempo beatdown that included: Warm Up: SSH Arm Circles Willy Maze Haze Imperial Walker Harvester Slow Merkins Slow Squats Main Exercise: Round 1 (x3 sets), run a lap between sets: 5 x Burpees Shoulders/Back: […]

04/22/2022 Animal House – Animal House eats pull ups for breakfast!

Beautiful morning and PAX were feeling hungry and ready to make a dent on their April Pull Up goals, a big century sized dent! YHC also needed to get some steps in for a work challenge, so we got a couple of miles mosey in too. Warm Up – SSH – Arm Circles – Willy […]

04/01/2022 Animal House – 1K on 4/1

Mission today was to complete 1,000 reps in the allotted time. Mission accomplished. Food Lion even got in some EC reps. Brief standard warmup, then made our way to grab a cinderblock and gather by the stairwell. Blasted the Pre-Game Rock station on Pandora in advance of tomorrow's big match-up between Leicester City and Man […]

03/25/2022 Animal House – When 3 became 2 (miles)…

Glorious 48 F morning to round out the week strong with friends at Animal House. YHC had been lacking in running this week so wanted to make good use of the track to add three miles to his weekly but alas his eyes were bigger than his stomach and the PAX were having too much […]

Track Ladder and Steel PAX

Warm-a-rama (Bedpan) LBACs and mandatory calf stretches Squats Mosey down to track.   Thang #1 (Bedpan) Track Ladder.  Run 200 yards.  5 burpees Run 200 yards.  5 burpees.  10 squats. Run 200 yards.  5 burpees.  10 squats.  15 Bonnie Blairs. Run 200 yards.  5 burpees.  10 squats.  10 Bonnie Blairs.  10 Windmills Run 400 yards. […]

02/18/2022 Animal House – 1,001

Great to be back in the gloom at AH. It's been way too long! Warm-up… The Thang… "Lt. Dan style" ladders with one single count exercise and one cadence count working our way up to 10. – merkins on the block + seal claps – pull-ups + block curls – block swings + backward lunges […]

02/11/2022 Animal House – Jammin’

YHC chose to rip a page from the Eddie the Eagle playbook and honor the legendary Bob Marley who would’ve turned 77 this week. After some parking lot warmup (SSH, imperial Walkers, Slow Merkins,, Mountain Climbers, WMH, Gardeners and a couple sun salutations- Eddie loves him so yoga, as does YHC) the pax moved to […]