The next exercise is: The Chuckle Hut!

Like so many good things, it started as a joke. Scappy’s pre-blast noted YHC’s yukking it up from the cheap seats during most workouts since return from hip replacement IR. Guilty. There was a mild implication that this might change somewhat with YHC at the helm. It did not. In fact, we doubled down on […]

11/10/2022 Tobacco Road – Home Alone, Area Codes, and Sesame Street

Today was YHC's first chance to Q at Tobacco Road, one of the best AOs in F3 Churham, nay, F3 worldwide! I pulled up to Startex and saw an incredible mixture of SoDu legends (Cosmo, Floyd, Scapula, Pallino), rookie HIMs (Jazz Brunch, Hammer Time) and everything in between. Needless to say, this got me totally […]

The Gloom Dial Reads….10 years and Counting

What a long strange trip it’s been. I never imagined 10 years ago when Riggs and Doogie coerced me into showing up to a workout at 4:50am in the cold, blustery gloom of November 2012. (BB here: I got my ass kicked. I barely was able to drive home. Not sure at the time […]

Bob Dylan and the Mini Misogi

Warm Up: 22x SSH followed by 5 Penalty burpees weed-n-feed 10x imperial squat billys, followed by 5 penalty burpess for Castaway 10x arm circles forwards and backwards, followed by 5 penalty burpees for Hutz 10x merkins, 10x plank jacks, 10x merkins, 10x mountain climbers followed by 3 penalty burpees for Loonie Run in place with […]

09/01/2022 Tobacco Road – Iron PAX Week 0

8 PAX arrived to Tobacco Road, ready to start week zero of the Iron PAX Challenge. Count Chocula, our resident Iron Pax concierge, already had the course lit and laid out. Knope put the NanTan stamp on the event by taking on the DJ duties. Bellhop had a load of cinder blocks in his truck […]

Want to go far…go together

On the heels of YHC’s 4th year anniversary I returned back to the site where it all started, Tobacco Road.  One of Churham’s original sites, it has earned a reputation as one of Sodu’s premier AO’s.  It’s no wonder after one post I was hooked.  The mumblechatter, workouts, and location are addictive. Today was about […]

07/21/2022 Tobacco Road – Viva le Tour de Tobacco Rd!

Viva le Tour de Tobacco Rd! The Tour de France is in full swing and it never disappoints. I I get sucked in to many hours of coverage a day, not just for the beautiful scenery, announcers with soothing accents, or the nap-inducing monotony. The athletes who participate are quite impressive. Three things always stand […]

07/14/2022 Tobacco Road – First Tabacco Road Slugfest!

I don't often stray out of my Chapel Hill comfort zone so I try to take advantage of any invites to AOs I haven't been to. Thanks Count Chocula for getting me out, We all need to do this a bit more. Since Count Chocula was talking it up quite a bit I didn't want […]

07/07/2022 Tobacco Road – Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear Board of Pain

With the July Merkin competition underway, and knowing the strong contingent of Bulls that attend Tobacco Road, YHC planned for an arm workout with plenty of merkins. WARM UP SSH x 24 WMH x 12 Good Morning x 12 Bat Wing x 12 (LBAC, RLBAC, Seal Claps, OH Clap, OH Press) Imperial Walkers Mosey to […]

06/30/2022 Tobacco Road – 10 Rounds for Mike Tyson’s Birthday

6/30 TR 10 Rounds with Mike Tyson Mike Tyson born today in 1966. Before Don King, Robin Givens, and biting ears, he was the most feared fighter of all time with an unmatched work ethic and hunger for dominance. Today, we wanted to go 10 rounds with the champ. Warm Up Michael Phelps( also HIS […]