Zooks 5 Year

Today was YHCs 5 year F3 anniversary. Mine and Golden Pinky’s are a few days a part so I reached out to him to see if he had anything special in mind and honestly, to see if I could copy. Check it out here: https://www.f3austin.com/?p=6354 Question of the day “What is the the longest line […]

11/04/2022 The Wall – Q School Quickie

YHC was excited to be able to get down to the Wall for a QSQ. The only other time I've been here is for the Angry Beaver, led by Rambler and Griswold, pre-COVID. Here is what we covered in the workout, although don't hold me to which, or how many of the exercises we did. […]

Friday FNG stories

The Wall was hopping at 5:27 this morning when I arrived. The PAX were circled up, lots of mumblechatter, and plenty of discussion (from Nighthawk) about the pending Volunteers vs Crimson Tide match-up tomorrow. Of course my mind is laser focused on PSU v Michigan so I had to put an end to that chatter. […]

10/07/2022 The Wall – Satellite

It was a crisp and incredibly clear morning in one the darkest corners of Churham this morning in the satellite community of Briar Chapel. After some clarifications between Hal (Hale? Hell?) and Golden Boy (Bolden Boy?) we got busy with 10 PAX moseying in an irregular orbit around the neighborhood. No complaints from Montecristo on […]

Dating Advice

Today’s question of the day was for the PAX to share their first date with the spouse. Man do we have some lucky M’s in this group The Warmup SSH Slow Merkins Chinooks Morrocan Nightclubs Seal Jacks WMH Smurf Jacks The Thang 300 workout with telling them it was a 300 workout 25 Burpees 50 […]

Eating my veggies

I promised the PAX a workout they needed but wouldn’t want. But it reality it was YHC who didn’t want the workout. In short, I’ve been mostly running these days in preparation for the City of Oaks Marathon (big mistake) so bootcamps have become akin to a kid who’s being forced to eat his/her vegetables. […]

Mountain Climbers?

Some mornings your mind just goes blank. YHC had the whole workout planned and yet when it was time to name the first warmup exercise, the brain had nothing. Chalk it up to a long first week of (back to) school. A dozen PAX traveled together … WARMUP Mountain climbers, Hillbilly, IW, WMH, AC (forward […]

07/22/2022 The Wall – 5 Year Annie

Five years ago I came out into The Gloom with a bunch of nicknamed, middle-aged (but devilishly handsome) men. A tall, strapping young HIM with the handle of Dueling Banjos took the lead, and we ran around the ‘hood and did a variety of stuff. Will never forget running up the hill back to the […]

Wimbledon at The Wall

Today we celebrated the last Friday of Wimbledon at #thewall. Thanks to Quint and Marky Mark for wearing white along with YHC. Rest of the guys need to get their junk together Warm-Up Willie Mayes Hayes x 10 Windmills x 10 Good Mornings X 10 Michael Phelps x 10 Arm circle but in form of […]

07/01/2022 The Wall – There’s a Party at RG3’s House This Weekend

The PAX was in a playful mood this Friday leading into a long 4th of July Holiday weekend. The beautiful weather enticed 14 men to turn up to start their weekend off right. Earlier this week, I overhear a radio segment about a study claiming people unable to balance on one leg for 10 seconds […]