07/12/2022 The Vortex – Bataan Death

Warmarama Mosey lap w/Karaoke/Oil Derrick/Walking Lunge Main Event Bataan Death Crawl. Think Bear Craw Ricky Bobby. PAX in back gets 5 HR Burpees and sprints to the front. Circled up for Turf Exercises. This is a growing list of things I modify when called on hard surfaces. 1. Surrender 2. Hammers 3. Absolution 4. WW2 […]

06/21/2022 The Vortex – Into the Woods!

The sun's up for the solstice and the planets are aligned (bit.ly/3QCYjac) so eight PAX headed into the woods at Vortex for a daytime trail run. Since it was still kinda' dark at 5:30, we warmed up with… A warm up: SSH, Imperials Walkers, Hillbillies, WMH, arm circles, seal claps, overhead claps And then some […]

06/14/2022 The Vortex – Honor the Flag

YHC has been absent for varying lame reasons for a while, so this Q was motivation to reboot the system and get back to F3 on a more regular basis. Warm Up- With Tuesday being Flag Day, we started with a fellowship jog and several 13 count warm up exercises. ME- everyone circle up, and […]

05/24/2022 The Vortex – Not So Lazy Dora

The forecast of thunderstorms was off. Newt and I were treated to superb weather. Funyon arrived a few minutes late which was actually pretty good considering he drove from Raleigh. That’s dedication! I’ve enjoyed giving my friend Deep Dish grief for arriving a couple minutes lately. His arrival at 0614 left me without words. That […]

05/10/2022 The Vortex – Building up Slowly

Admittedly, it had been awhile since YHC had posted at #Vortex. Not entirely sure why as it is close to my house and I used to be co-site Q along with Newt. It is a great AO. Weather was perfect – upper 40s, lower 50s. This workout was inspired by one that Uzi did a […]

04/26/2022 The Vortex – Vortex BB #246

The Vortex has 25 pages of backblasts! That is 246 ready to go Q's for anyone looking for inspiration. The Vortex launched in March 2014, but due to a typo, the very first BB is from 1/6/2014 (really 2015) https://f3churham.com/category/the-vortex/page/25/ Seeing this wealth of tried and true beatdowns, YHC put absolutely no thought into today's […]

03/29/2022 The Vortex – The Switcheroo

Funyun & YHC had planned this Q swap for a few months. I preblasted the Jag promising snacks & Funyun called out some Vortex PAX. The morning had finally come! The Q is a love/hate relationship for YHC. I love the Q Juice & leading the PAX but I hate the worry of fartsacking & […]

03/22/2022 The Vortex – One More Round

There were days when the Vortex entailed a couple miles of running. One such day was today! Projecting 2 miles in a preblast may well have contributed to the lower than average numbers today. If you did go elsewhere for this reason, consider yourself fortunate. We did 3 miles! EC Pull Ups, Oil Derick LT, […]

03/15/2022 The Vortex – St Patty’s Day Eve Eve

Traditional Vortex fellowship lap. WARM-UP SSH IC x 15, LBAC IC x 15 fwd/15 rev, WMH x 10, 5 Burpees for late arriving PAX ME St. Patty Eve Eve Q&A Circle up and hold squat while YHC asked following St Patrick's Day trivia questions. Correct answer by consensus -> 10 Merkins. Incorrect answer -> 10 […]