No Time

Another hot and humid morning waited the PAX. And so did a traveling workout featuring an F3 staple, The Beast, at the former BC bootcamp site know as The Mustang. Three did Spartan training EC. Thirteen PAX total showed up. An FNG also arrived. Warm Up Plank Jacks x 20 IC WMH x 10 IC Harvesters […]

07/25/2022 The Thicket – Maraschino and the Story of the Empty Basket

I intentionally grabbed this Q to honor my good friends Quicken and Maraschino. Maraschino and I came into Churham about the same time, and Quicken began getting seriously involved in F3 at around that time too (although I believe Quicken pre-dated both of us). We found out this morning that Quicken graduated from the University […]

07/18/2022 The Thicket – It’s been awhile

Warmorama: WMH 10IC Hillbilly 10IC Michael Phelps 10IC SSH 20IC Windmill 10IC Bear crawl to school entrance, Partner up and wheelbarrow (switch halfway) to end of road in front of the school. Bear crawl back to start. Work with partner to complete 100 burpees. P1 runs to fire hydrant while partner 2 commences burpees. Each […]

EMOM & Blocks

EC 8 rounds of 5 Pull-ups/10 Merkins/15 Squats Warm-up: SSH ICx20, WMH ICx10, IW ICx10, GM ICx10, Merkin SCx10, Squat SCx10 EMOM 3 sets, 4 rounds in each set, 2 min. rest between sets (which was too long, will cut to 1 min. rest next time) 3 Burpees, 6 Mtn Climbers IC, 9 Jump squats […]

06/20/2022 The Thicket – Could’ve Been Flounder

Warm Up – Typical Stuff BLOCK & ROLL Partner up. Each team secures one block. One HIM performs block exercise while other HIM performs movement across the parking lot. Upon “movement” HIM’s return, flap jack. Then rinse & repeat so that each man gets to perform two series of block exercises and two series of […]

Monday Mystery Merkin Mosey

The men of The Thicket were subjected to another week of a Mystery Q. While Uzi was a tough act to follow, YHM was fearless and clueless, showing at 5:29am and and parking outside the lines literally, but metaphorically as well, foreshadowing events to come. Joking aside and in all sincerity, it wasn’t til about […]

Pet Names

Today’s question of the day: What were the names of your pet growing up? WARM-UP 15 SHH IC 10 Willie Mays Hayes IC 10 Good Mornings IC 10 OH Claps IC 10 Shuggah Shack Serves IC THE THANG Bermuda Triangle 5 merkins, bernie sanders to next spot 5 merkins, 10 WW2, mosey to next spot […]

05/09/2022 The Thicket – Camouflage

Uzi has a complex about the Chatham Pax not liking him. He put this to the test by signing up to Q at the Thicket under the pseudonym of “Mystery Q.” He decided to add to the mystique by hiding out under a tarp for at least 45 minutes before the ME. Several Pax walked […]

04/26/2022 The Thicket – Ricky Bobby Around the Hood

Warm Up – SSH x 10, WMH x 10 Pax then gathered into two lines and proceeded to Ricky Bobby around the neighborhood taking breaks at various points along the way to reel off merkins, SSH's, flutter kicks, squats, and other assorted exercises. We cut it close and returned to the AO at approximately 6:15AM […]

Rainy Thicket and a Marky Mark Friendly Dora

Rainy morning here in BC and our local schools are on spring break so a likely low number day at The Thicket even without the promise of shit weather. One of those mornings where if my name wasn’t on the Q sheet I would have 100% Fart Sacked. But it was – so I didn’t. […]