08/10/2022 The Skunk – Something Explosive

@Nickelback sent his fellowship participants some Primal nutrition and exercise gems… among them was the need to get sprinting a place in our workouts. So YHC charged his speakers and picked up the Q late last night, ready to get us Sprinted. WARM Plank Jacks x 15 LB Arm Circles X 20 Imperial walkers x […]

08/03/2022 The Skunk – Primal Workout Glory

This morning's theme was going primal! YHC recently read part of the health and wellness book, The Primal Blueprint which inspired the theme of going back to paleolithic times for a great time. Here's how it went: Warm-up – SSH (20x) – Arm Circles with Johnny Dramas (12x) – Mtn Climbers (15x) – Dealers Choice […]

06/08/2022 The Skunk – The Shortest-Longest Mile and Humidity

4 PAX took a fellowship lap and mumbled about their morning stiffness… joint stiffness. Toast informed us of the extra humidity up at the track due to the sprinklers going… we didn’t listen and endured the humidity. Warm-O-Rama: SSH 28 IC Plank Jacks 10 IC, Mtn Climbers 10 IC, Groiners 10 IC Mosey to the […]

05/25/2022 The Skunk – May Modified No Mercy Miles

Q sheet was open, so YHC volunteered (if this happens enough times I am confident the Hillsborough Q sheets will fill up for the rest of the year). May is a burpee challenge in our region so I wanted to provide the “opportunity” Warm up: Fellowship lap, WMH, LBAC, Good Morning. The Thang Per the […]

04/28/2022 The Skunk – Fetch

For the second Q this week YHC grabbed the open spot much to the dismay of those concerned about the 100 burpees that were “still available” in the rotation from Monday’s Q Warm Up Fellowship lap, GM, Micheal Phelps, WMH, Port a John Chinooks Mosey to far side of parking lot The Thang – Reb […]

Crazy 8’s

Warm up SSH WMH LBAC GM The Thang – Crazy 8’s Mosey to the rock pile grab a rock you can move with, Rock overhead to back parking lot Eight exercises eight reps each x 8 sets Merkins Squats Flutter Kicks (Rock overhead) Lunges (R/L = 1) SSH (IC, no rock) OH Press Bent Over […]

03/09/2022 The Skunk – A Case of Deja Vu

This was the 2nd leg of the famed "Trip Nip." YHC was a little concerned about the weather report, but fortunately the heavy rain had cleared out by the time everyone arrived at the AO. This was the first time I had Qed at this site so I was a little nervous, but I was […]

03/02/2022 The Skunk – The Vicious Cycle

8 PAX enjoyed to glory in the gloom at the skunk. After a quick and painless Warm up including SSH, WMHs, Good Mornings, and arm circle the PAX headed to the OC softball field. Once on the field the PAX were told to do a vicious cycle where each PAX travels from base to base […]

Star Force

YHC has been MIA lately, prioritizing family for a season and still trying to deal with/cope on how to keep family as safe as possible from COVID exposures with a little one who is not quite old enough to be vaccinated yet. But some of those reasons end up sounding like excuses so to keep […]

02/16/2022 The Skunk – From Murphy to Manteo

There was an open q slot for the skunk and I enthusiastically signed up at the last minute. I recycled a workout from the vortex. Newt led this about a month ago and it was a good routine. When I say good I mean tough. Warm-O-Rama 20 SSH, 20 WMH, 10 Mike Phelps, 10 LBAC […]