11/21/2022 The Rock – Bad ideas are better shared with Friends

SSH x25 Arm Circles x10 Side, Front, Side In tempo Squats x20 In Tempo Lunges, x10 per leg Willie Mays Hayes x10 Michael Phelps x10 Mosey to Park (Find a rock & bring to pavilion) Circuit Stations: Run to front gate of park (this was our timer) Jump rope Mountain climbers Alternating toe touch on […]

11/07/2022 The Rock – Then Halfback Half Ain’t a Quarter

YHC has been toying with some variations on the Murph. A humid 60 degree morning seemed like a good time to share it with the PAX. 9 men at 9 stations was going to be perfect, and YHC would have gotten away with it if Nickelback hadn’t meddled with it. His late arrival caused quite […]

10/31/2022 The Rock – Wait a minute, there’s no candy?

After a little mumble chatter got us started, we made our way down the hill to our traffic circle for our: Warm-a-Rama SSH 20 In Tempo Merkins 15 In Tempo Squats 15 Michael Phelps 10 Willie Mays Hayes 10 From there we traveled a bit, making our way to our Thang Location. Mosey to a […]

10/17/2022 The Rock – Nubbin’s Shoes Got Wet

During YHC’s 2-minute drive to the AO, the plan for the morning was almost scrapped. Wet shoes, wet gloves…YHC struggles (queue highlight reel of a rainy Cortes Q at The Skunk). However, once at the flag, the light drizzle made a nice morning for a mosey. WarmORama SSH, Imperial Walker, Hillbilly Tap tap taps, WMH, […]

09/19/2022 The Rock – Classic PAX

I was informed that most the brothers in the northern province were doing the Iron Pax. I didn’t feel like doing any of those exercises, so I selflessly planned a beat down not doing them as to not tax the muscles for their competition Wednesday. I know, I put others first and I’m super humble […]

09/12/2022 The Rock – IPC Week 2 Rock Prep

One word: humidity. WarmORama: SSH 20ic Tap tap taps 10ic WMH 10it LBAC 10ic ea Seal Claps 10ic Finkel Swings 5ic ea Air Press 10ic The Thang: Partner DORA with rocks / blocks at Cates Creek Park Timer: Run to tree, 3 burpees, Run back Work: 50 We’re Not Worthy SC 100 Goblet Squat SC […]

08/29/2022 The Rock – IPC 2022 Week 0 Prequel

As Q-drenaline and tolerance allows, each week thru September, we will try to do a preview of each IronPax workout, focusing on getting the movements and understanding the intensity of each workout. This morning, Halfback and YHC co-Q’d a preview of Week 0- Fat Coe Sandwich. Is it a “Coe sandwich” if the two sides […]

08/15/2022 The Rock – Reliving IronPax

YHC took up the call to Q and decided (for good or bad) to relive an IPC Q. The weather was wet. The ground was soaked. The PAX were notably anxious to get started so we commenced at 0529. YHC hates wet shoes so we mosey’d straight to the park to start. WarmORama: 20ic SSH […]

08/08/2022 The Rock – Dueling Pyramids

Pyramids were the theme. YHC does not know where the inspiration came from but I digress…. WarmORama: 12-10-8-6 (down and up) SSH 12 IC WMH 10IT Slow Squat 8 IT Finkel Swings 6 IC ea Tap tap taps 8 IC ITWYs 10 IC SSH 12 IC The Thang: Dueling Pyramids 15-12-9-6-3 = 45 total – […]

06/13/2022 The Rock – Sweat and then Less Sweat

YHC couldn't sleep. Thinking is a motherpluck. But Bump Draft double booked, and only YHC could save his overachieving ass. WARM Plank Jacks x 12 One side Donkey Kicks x 10 Hillbillies x 10 LBAC x 20 Michael Phelps x 10 THE THANG Mosey to the Rock pile, picked up a rock we could comfortably […]