08/15/2022 The Rock – Reliving IronPax

YHC took up the call to Q and decided (for good or bad) to relive an IPC Q. The weather was wet. The ground was soaked. The PAX were notably anxious to get started so we commenced at 0529. YHC hates wet shoes so we mosey’d straight to the park to start. WarmORama: 20ic SSH […]

08/08/2022 The Rock – Dueling Pyramids

Pyramids were the theme. YHC does not know where the inspiration came from but I digress…. WarmORama: 12-10-8-6 (down and up) SSH 12 IC WMH 10IT Slow Squat 8 IT Finkel Swings 6 IC ea Tap tap taps 8 IC ITWYs 10 IC SSH 12 IC The Thang: Dueling Pyramids 15-12-9-6-3 = 45 total – […]

06/13/2022 The Rock – Sweat and then Less Sweat

YHC couldn't sleep. Thinking is a motherpluck. But Bump Draft double booked, and only YHC could save his overachieving ass. WARM Plank Jacks x 12 One side Donkey Kicks x 10 Hillbillies x 10 LBAC x 20 Michael Phelps x 10 THE THANG Mosey to the Rock pile, picked up a rock we could comfortably […]

06/06/2022 The Rock – Top Gun Maverick Movie Reviews and Merkins

Met with a beautiful morning, YHC, Dinghy and Bedpan began the day with a mosey to the park, recapping injuries, blisters and battle wounds sustained the previous week. In lieu of scrapping the beatdown as planned, we sucked it up and modified as needed. YHC had originally planned for his first attempt at the Trip […]

05/02/2022 The Rock – Monday Memories

To kick-off the week-long celebration of Cinco de May and the beginning leg of the Trip Nip YHC was stoked to have the Q. The theme was honoring the memories from previous Mondays with a best hits rendition. WARM-UP A previous Trip Nipper, Mr. Grunge had one of the most memorable Monday morning "warm-ups" where […]

Count to 100

Warm Up: (Mosey to the Traffic Circle) Side shuffle Hop, Willie Mays Hayes, Good Morning, Michael Phelps, Porta John Chinook Mosey to the park shelter The Thang (Counting to 100) : Run to the gate of Cates Creek Park and back to the shelter remember the order you finished. First PAX  gets to select an […]

04/18/2022 The Rock – Route 66 meets Paula Abdul

Returning from travels and a rainy Monday coming up, knowing I wasn’t going to “feel like” posting I grabbed the opening on the Q sheet that way at least I was in charge. Rain in the forecast but 4 PAX were ready for me to bring back part of a Q from 2018 (I think) […]

Rockin’ Merkin Monday

YHC is confined to SoDu on school days given early kid-schlepping duties, so try to get out and about on days with no school. It’s a good thing my name was on the Q sheet, because the fartsack likely would have won out this morning following the celebration and dread caused by Carolina yesterday earning […]

03/21/2022 The Rock – Hold the Running Muscles, Please

Two days after laying down 50 Tobacco Trail miles, our beloved @Nickelback was at it again. YHC needn’t ask-running elimination was the name of the game. We shuffled over to Cates Creek for the old upper body builders: Backs and Bis, Shoulders Tri’s. WARM 20xSSH, 10 Squat Drama Heel Heels, 10x I T W and […]

03/14/2022 The Rock – Snowboarding … Advanced Class !!

I’m usually on the mountain for my birthday, which was a week ago, but now it’s golf season, sooo … SNOWBOARDING!! WarmUps: SSH 11 IC, WMH 11 IT, Imperial Walkers 11 IC, LBAC 6+5 IC forward & 6+5 IC reverse, SLO Alt Side Squats 11 IC, Michael Phelps 11 IC, SLO Alt Side Squats 11 […]