08/09/2022 The Piranha – Mega Murph Preparation

My 2.0 Megaladon (or, as we discovered today–"Don"–for short) was stoked about the opportunity to lead arm circles (thanks again, Scappy) at Tobacco Road a few weeks ago. Our illustrious site Q, Count Chocula, arranged another opportunity for "Don" to get some Q time at the Piranha. He woke up rearin' to go, and brought […]

Be Where Your Feet Are

The Dream Team This summer marks the 30 year anniversary of TEAM USA’s Gold medal in men’s Olympic basketball.  The Dream Team, as they were labeled, were a collection of NBA’s all time greats.  We’ll come back to that in a minute.  Today also marks the 4 yr anniversary of YHC!  Have to thank Te’o […]

EMOM Madness

YHC was pleased to make the trip to Q South-Durham’s-friendliest-Tuesday AO at the invitation of Count Chocula. As he had taken the Q at Eagle yesterday, which involved a decent amount of running, YHC endeavored to change it up with a minimal-to-no running Q. 21 Intrepid PAX gathered in the gloom, and we got started […]

07/12/2022 The Piranha – Grateful

Showed up to my first F3 workout on my 39th birthday, four years ago today, and my life hasn’t been the same since. Overwhelmed with gratitude to have 22 today at the home AO to help celebrate. The Q of my first workout, Kia, was not present, but the PAX who named YHC and seemingly […]

Opening Day of the Durham Triple Play Challenge

So today was the opening day for the next 12 weeks of the triple play challenge. I signed up to Q this site because honestly it’s one of the best places with such a great group of guys. I absolutely love making the drive to this location. I was asked to do a baseball theme […]

Cardiac’s Random Box

Warm Up: 20x SSH Run in place with high knees, butt kickers, 10x goodmornings 10x slow merkins   The thang: BooBoo Bear circuit (10x one leg burpee, 10m one leg bear crawl, repeat) Merkin pyramid Ballard kicks, ballard erkins, ballard derkins Redbull smurf jacks Bottom half of a burpee Donkey kicks Bunny hops/tuck jumps Line […]

03/15/2022 The Piranha – Floyd Vacation Fill In

A couple of weeks ago at the Pirahna, Floyd made an announcement during COT that he would be taking a well deserved (I'm sure anyway, right?) Floyd Plank in Colorado. So, when his name appeared on the Q sheet for the Piranha, the PAX were pretty pumped thinking Floyd was back, refreshed and ready to […]

03/08/2022 The Piranha – Expansive Homage to the Churham AOs

YHC has been given the honor to serve as the Churham Expansion Co-Q alongside Vice and has been thinking of ways to convey the support and role of the Churham Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and the current over-arching goals: 1. To develop a purpose statement for the SLT that is aligned with the mission of […]

Dropping a Deuce

It’s 2/22/22, so theme today was doing a bunch of exercises in reps of 22, then doing all of those twice, accompanied by two-themed playlist. EC Cherry Baked led YHC, Knope and Loonie in a Pathfinder HIIT workout. Cardiac and Count Chocola got in some cardio. WARM-UP Side shuffle hop X 22IC Side shuffle hop […]