08/03/2022 The King’s Dominion – This Day in History at The Kings Dominion

I pulled up to the Kings Dominion and saw 10(!) PAX crushing some EC kettlebells. Loonie was leading the charge and teaching PAX the proper kettlebell swing form and thus ensuring that the conception of future 2.0s would not derailed by an errant swing into a PAX's unsuspecting nether-region. Needless to say, this pumped me […]

06/29/2022 The King’s Dominion – Amusement Parks are Exhausting

YHC has been gone from Churham since June 19th, flying out for work on Father's Day morning. I finally returned last night and was very excited to be in the presence of the Churham PAX! Because of this I felt I really owed The Kings Dominion a great beatdown. We had burpees, we had movement, […]

06/08/2022 The King’s Dominion – Squats and Ladders

Fourteen PAX gathered shortly before sunrise for what was the second day of the Triple Play Challenge or the third day of the Grand Slam challenge, depending on how you want to count. Warm-O-Rama: SSH x 20 Imperial Walker x10 Hillbilly x10 Manafort Good Morning x5 Little Baby Arm Circles x14 Little Baby Arm Circles […]

04/06/2022 The King’s Dominion – VQ Juice

This was YHC’s VQ, so we started out with a shoutout to Crash Cart for EH’ing me and a thank you to everyone for being so welcoming. Warmarama -SSH x 20 -Imperial Walker x10 -Hillbilly x10 -Manafort Good Morning x10 -Little Baby Arm Circles x16ish -Reverse Little Baby Arm Circles x14ish -Michael Phelps x10 -Slow […]

03/09/2022 The King’s Dominion – Ain’t Ducking for Cover

Took a while but YHC got around to writing this BB knowing one day the fine men of Churham will one day create a search engine for looking up the names of PAX to find their BB. In that spirit knowing 10-30 years down the line these will be categorically analyzed by our grandchildren to […]

03/02/2022 The King’s Dominion – Keep it simple, keep ’em moving

I struggled to come up with some complicated and fancy workout that would cause PAX to talk about it for the remainder of time. Instead, I decided to keep it simple and keep everyone moving. Apologies to those that did this workout several weeks ago with me. The warm up: SSH x 20, Imperial Walker, […]