08/09/2022 The Jag – Burpees are rest…. right?

Pretty straightforward beatdown — Warm Up: the norm + a little Ricky Bobby around the loop for fun ME: AMRAP for 60 seconds with blocks, then a 30 second rest. During the rest period, we did 5 burpees. Exercises included goblet squats, LBCs, curls, rows x2, and overhead press. Mosey… and repeat. After round 2, […]

Small Acts & Meaningful Impacts

WARM UP: Typical Stuff   MAIN EVENT – The Beast.  6 exercises. 6 reps.  6 rounds. Upper Body Derkins Dips Irkins Hand-Release Merkins Diamond Merkins Burpees Lower Body Jump Squats Bonnie Blairs Mountain Climbers In-cadence Bear Crawl In-cadence Crawl Bear Monkey Humpers MARY Flutterkicks Plank-o-rame Ring of Fire   ANNOUNCEMENTS: Quarterly Report Convergence at The […]

06/21/2022 The Jag – 14 1/2 hours

11 pax gathered to celebrate the summer solstice ice by circuit training. It went something like this: Rebar led warm up: ME: 14.5 stations with one minute of exercise at each station. Ten seconds to move to next station: x2 rounds 1)Alternating reverse lunge 2)Hand release Merkin 3)Box jump/Step up 4)Squat Thruster w/block 5)WWII 6)Battle […]

06/07/2022 The Jag – Draggin’ Hose

Warmup: SSH x 20 IC 5 burpees OYO Arm circles forward and backward Willie Mays Hays x 10 IT Imperial Walkers x 20 IC Michael Phelps x 10 IC The Thang Fellowship lap 4 stations x 2 Hose run, merkins (TIMER) Ball Slam, squat jumps 8 count body builders, ruck on, WWIIs Curls for the […]

Cookies and Phobias

Today’s question of the day: Do you currently or have you ever had a phobia of anything? Warm-Up Imperial Walkers x 10, 5 Burpees OYO Willie Mayes Hayes x 10, 5 Burpees OYO Slow Squats x 10, , 5 Burpees OYO Michael Phelps x 10, , 5 Burpees OYO Main Event Partner up, grab a […]

05/03/2022 The Jag – Tweaker – an origin story

There are some F3 names that leave little to the imagination. For example, Zook and Wuerffel graduated from University of Florida. (As did I, GO GATORS!) This morning we played a 6 degrees game or sorts with our FNG. He shared he is a periodontist and that most people don't know what that is. Splashback […]

04/19/2022 The Jag – Chipping Away

4 returned from EC Pull Ups & Bar Work! In addition to some pullups, bar work included negatives, knee tuck power 90 holds (*TD), scap pulls, active hang, knee raises. Great EC to improve your pullups! *I'm a PG kind of guy. TD is a random name I made up that probably doesn't pass the […]

04/05/2022 The Jag – A final walk through march madness

When I signed up to Q at the Jag, I was very excited. When I realized it was the day after the championship game, and UNC was playing….not quite as excited. Sure it would have been the ultimate fartsack to not show up, but no way no how. Even after UNC's loss I felt compelled […]

03/22/2022 The Jag – Be uncomfortable

Warm Up: Good morning 10IC Hillbilly 10IC SSH 20IC WMH 10IC Michael Phelps 10IC Main Event: 20 minute AMRAP 10 single (both) arm row, 50 foot farmer’s carry 20 single (both) arm row, 100 foot farmer’s carry 30 single (both) arm row, 150 foot farmer’s carry And every 4 minutes, do ten burpees Mosey to […]

03/15/2022 The Jag – There’s Something in the Air

WarmUP SSH x 30 Hillbilly x 10 Arm Circles Seal Claps Overhead claps WMH with chest opener ME Grab blocks and Mosey to school buses Bear crawl around buses and then do Set 1, Bearcrawl, Set 2, Bearcrawl, Set 3, rinse and repeat Set 1 Tibialis Raise Calf Raise Elevated leg dip (standing on block) […]