07/06/2022 The Earl – Welcome FNK Emote

WARMARAMA Good Mornings Cotton Pickers Downward Dog Pose to Left Foot to Left Hand Stretch Downward Dog Pose to Right Foot to Right Hand Stretch Frankensteins SSH – counting on the 6s Moroccan NightClub Air Presses IC Squats IC Mosey to the Presbyterian Coupons THANG 1 Gorilla Complex (Upper Body) With a Retaining Wall Block […]

06/15/2022 The Earl – The right to bear ARMs

Following up on @Vice's great "Dad Said Hold It At The Jag" we started the workout at the Earl with some Arm workout. Warm-O-Rama: 1. Windmils (10) 2. good mornings (10) 3. Arm Circles IC (F&B 15) 4. SSH IC (20) 6. WMH (10) The Thang: Mosey to rock pile for Arms workout Colt 45 […]

1st Anniversary workout @TheEarl

On June 2nd 2021 YHC was the heaviest he’s ever been & way out of shape, after sitting on his ass for two years of isolation & working from home. On that day he made the decision to wake up at o-dark-thirty and head out to Circle City to see what this F3 cult that […]

05/18/2022 The Earl – Why Burpees in an escalator?

Warm-O-Rama: Windmills (10) Good mornings (10) Arm Circles IC (F&B 20) SSH IC (20) Imperial Walkers IC (20) Transition Mosey to Old Court House The Thang part I: Burpees (10) Dealers Choice, run it Twice: Each pax calls an exercise that the rest will do while he runs around the circle At the end everyone […]

05/04/2022 The Earl – Jedi School at #the-earl

To the first F3 Jedi class of The Earl, honor is bestowed. Here is what went down on the Circle Planet this day. Two of our Padawans had their eyes on the Dark Side early and were nearly disqualified for tardiness but penalty burpees, training mastery and use of THE FORCE prevented expulsion. WARMARAMA Class […]

04/06/2022 The Earl – This morning at The Earl

WARMARAMA: Last Man Standing Jump Rope WMH, Carolina Dry Docks, Michael Phelps, Arm Circles, etc – you get the picture. Mosey THANG 1: PAX circled up in Circle City for Lt. Dan’s 1 Squat: 2 Forward Lunges, next 2 Squats: 4 Forward Lunges …. To 10 Squats: 20 Lunges Thang 1 was completed with a […]

03/03/2022 The Earl – Don’t be scared of a little rain

As I thought about YHC’s Q duties on Tuesday evening I never doubted the rain would clear for our Wednesday beatdown. The sky depleted its precipitation precisely at 0525 so that our perspiration was not contaminated. I took a page… Correction… I took the whole page from a prior F3Churham workout “Staying Out of the […]

03/02/2022 The Earl – Kick off Lent but don’t give up burpees!

Ash Wednesday, starts Lent commemorating the 40 days Jesus spent fasting in the desert. Warm-O-Rama: 1. Windmills (10) 2. good mornings (10) 3. stretching 4. Arm Circles IC (20) 5. Overhead Clap (20) 6. Seal Claps (20) 7. SSH IC (20) The Thang: 1. mosey to circle 2. Paper Jams bearCrawls – Run thing. Pair […]

02/02/2022 The Earl – It’s safer to not trust a Groundhog forecast…

Groundhog Day 2022 Taking inspiration from Groundhog Day we posted up at #the-earl expecting a groundhog sighting. This naturally is going to involve some repetitive activity paying homage to movie ‘Groundhog Day’. Warm-up Focused initially on slow deliberate stretches. Low Lunge stretch – Then dropped back knee and straightened front leg – Switch sides Move […]

01/26/2022 The Earl – The Tokyo Rose of Circle City

I signed up weeks ago because my buddy Montecristo became the site Q. I had the privilege of naming Montecristo at The Earl in 2021. I was happy to repay many, many favors because Monte is a regular at TBR. Warm-up: 7 alarm clocks (up and downs); 7 pancakes (candle sticks and then down for […]