Spooky Kickball

Warm-up SSH IC x 25 Imperial Walkers IC x 10 Squats IC x 10 Arm circle IC x 10 each side Slow Merkins x 10 Thang #1 Dora – 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBCs Partner A sprints the parking lot. Partner B works on Dora. Flip-flop.   Thang #2 mosey to the low wall. […]

Top Gun at Cougar

Top Gun was a blockbuster back in 1986. Now 36 years later the sequel Top Gun, Maverick has a lot of the same actors and characters but it is being deemed by YHC as the best sequel to a movie ever made. I thought it deserved a workout and I may or may not run […]

May the 4th Be With You

May the 4th Be With You – Star Wars inspired workout Co-Q by Zika and Spooky May is also burpee month so pax expected a lot of burpees Warm-up: SSH, WMH, Merkins, Arm Circles Thang #1 5 Burpees, Run 200m, 10 Burpees, Run 200m, 15 Burpees, Run 200m, 20 Burpees, Run 200m (then back down) […]

Homes Co-Q

Wuerffel led 15min of SSH, merkins, squats, sumo squats, flutters, crab dips (4 rounds of each) Homes led Ark Loader workout on the soccer field.  Bear crawl, kangaroo hop, crab walk Harlequin led Harlequin Shuffle workout Subprime finished with Mary (ski abs)

A Little Magic

Warm-a-Rama (Toes) * All exercises done in multiples of 7 7 SSHs 14 IWs 14 Slow Merkins 7 Manafort Good Mornings Split into two teams, and mosey to track.   The Thang #1 (Toes) Team 1:  plank holds (regular, left arm high, right arm high) with 10-count per PAX Team 2:  Foley Flutters, American Hammers, […]

EMOM on a Rainy Day

Rainy morning although it wasn’t a downpour as predicted. Five pax circled up near the school for a Spooky beat-down. Thang One: EMOM – Every Minute on the Minute Station 1 – DB curl and press Station 2 – Up-Downs Station 3 – Thrusters Station 4 – KB Swings Station 5 – Burpees Station 6 […]

03/02/2022 The Cougar – Cougar First Q

Warm Up -Elbow Twists to Kidney Thumpers -Arm Circles -Motivators – a Zook special. -Waist Outlaw -Hill Billy Jacks -Willie Mays Haze Main Event -Ascending Jump Squat Twists -Parker Peter Mountain Climbers -Alligator Merkins X 10 and X 5 -Run X 2 around the drop-off lane. Plank-O-Rama -J-Lo -Arm Out -Leg Out -Side Plank on […]

02/23/2022 The Cougar – Rocking the Cougar

The Warm Up: SSH Imperial Walker Willy Mays Hays Arm Circles 20 Merkins The Main Exercise: QIC generously collected rocks before the ME and had PAX select one that matched their personality and love language. Rocks were distributed out of the trunk, just like an arms dealer, although these bad boys were legal and no […]

02/16/2022 The Cougar – F3 Therapy

I heard recently that there are 2 types of people. Those in therapy and those who should be in therapy. Before you grab your FSA card and head to some shrink’s office, know that therapy takes many forms. There’s hypnotherapy, equine-assisted psychotherapy, horticulture therapy, wilderness therapy, chess therapy, etc. Yes, chess therapy… look it up. […]

Ice and rocks

Conditions were icy from Mondays storm.  Temps were chilly at 24 degrees (no wind). Seven pax assembled for 5K EC – running in the road was a requirement  as sidewalks were icy. Nineteen pax circled up for a Spooky beat-down. Thang One: Partner up – rounds of alternating movements in the parking lot: Round 1 […]