08/13/2022 The Battering Ram – Date Night Assignment

Either I was a dumbass and forgot to write down that I was the Q today or Bumpdraft penciled me in without telling me. Either way, I only realized I had the Q when BD advertised it on Slack. Looking for inspiration I found out it was the 50th anniversary of my three favorite Date […]

Sly’s Secret Fourth of July Message

2022 marks YHC’s third time in a row Qing the Fourth of July ME at TBR.  Today was extra special because it just so happened to align with Churham’s region-wide convergence known as The Quarterly Report.  TBR Site Q Emeritus Bump Draft has taken to giving YHC themes.   To give you an idea, 2021 was […]

05/21/2022 The Battering Ram – It’s the Final Qountdown

Stage 1: Started off with Controlled Articular Rotations, or CARs: https://youtu.be/ocVvCm6NdfA?t=703 Stage 2: Ricky Bobby – 1 lap around field, then up to Davis Library Stage 3: Murph preparations – As a pair, complete 100 Rows, 200-sec of (accumulated) balls-to-wall, 300 air squats. Stage 4: Ricky Bobby to Cobb Parking Deck Stage 5a: Parking Deck […]

05/07/2022 The Battering Ram – Hills, Stairs and Burpees…Oh My!

Very excited to take my first Q after becoming co-site Q at TBR. We warmed up quickly on Hooker Field before heading over to the site of the ACC Women's Lacrosse Championship which UNC did end up winning, so all I can say to that is that F3 brought the good vibes. Warm-a-rama 10 Good […]

04/30/2022 The Battering Ram – Stations of the Ram

Messiah complex: the desire and compulsion to redeem or save others or the world. The individual may harbor the delusion of being divine. See also Jehovah complex. https://dictionary.apa.org/messiah-complex

04/16/2022 The Battering Ram – National Day of Pushups

According to Google "Although not decreed by Congress, as they have more pressing issues to deal with now, 100 of the leading fitness service providers across the country have joined together to declare April 16th National Pushups for Charity Day" To celebrate this momentous occasion we made sure to sprinkle in some Merkins into today's […]

04/02/2022 The Battering Ram – You were warned

13 pax persevered through an @uzi inspired army crawl (with weight) beat down. Here’s what happened: Warm Up: Good Morning 10IC Hill Billy 10IC Michael Phelps 10IC WMH 10IC AC 10IC RAC 10IC Main Event: Partner up with similar strength and grab sand bag or weighted plates. P1 army crawls 25 yards out and back […]

03/12/2022 The Battering Ram – The Life and Opinions of Brandon Sharp

I, BumpDraft, originally posted a pre-blast without stoking the fire of the VT-UNC semifinal ACC Conference Tournament game on Friday. UNC is a celebrated basketball program, and I closely watched their tenure under Dean Smith and Roy Williams. Decades later, I'm a proud Virginia Tech graduate. I'm partisan. No apologies. Vice and Flappy decided to […]

the concrete jungle

What follows is one version of this morning’s session.  Multiple events converged to throw today’s TBR ass over teakettle, not the least of which was the Great Q in the Sky expressing his displeasure over last night’s UNC-VT basketball game in the form of an Old Testament thunderstorm.  So ME was a bit scattershot, as […]

Faster Horses, Younger Women, Older Whiskey, More Money

YHC had a few bad theme ideas from old country songs this week–What This Town Needs is a Few Good Funerals; I’m Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home; etc.  But Tom T Hall won out with his four titular idylls, and thus did we have a four-segment workout, which in no way corresponded […]