Passing the Shovel Flag at Rameses

YHC heard whisperings that a new co-AOQ was going to be announced this week at #rameses (ok, it was posted on Slack). So, he set out to plan a workout that really showcased the many features of the AO. 13 PAX gathered in the gloom and we got started promptly at 0530. Warmup SSH x20 […]

Mountainside Murph

The terrain and equipment of Rameses don’t necessarily scream MURPH.  Tarheel Warrior Mountain is wild, it is to be respected and never tamed; yet its benefits are many. Like …. Blackberry brambles? Rat snakes? The Banzai Pipeline?  You get the idea.   warmorama SSH IC x 20 WMH IC x 10 imperial walker x 10 […]

06/22/2022 Rameses – Ups & Downs

Life is full on ups and downs. So was YHC’s Q today at Ramses. Before each trip there was a Burpee buy in. First PAX to complete his trip started counting the prescribed exercise. Warmarama Mosey’d to Country Club w/backwards run/karaoke/butt kickers, SSH while we named the 5 requirements on a F3 workout, Hillbilly Squats, […]

05/18/2022 Rameses – Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying on THWM

When Flapjack asked YHC to consider a Q at the mother to our Churham AO, the only answer could be Aye. The Disclaimer. YHC forgot the 5th principle of F3 on this VQ while proving my amateurism: for those wondering, F3 is peer-led. Thanks Boucher! Warmarama After my first boot camp on new year’s eve […]

05/04/2022 Rameses – Old School THWM Work

Thank you Flapjack for the invitation to Q at the vaunted Rameses! Whenever I think or Rameses, I think of old school F3, so I tried to plan accordingly for today's workout. WARMUP SSH x 24 CC WMH x 12 CC Harvesters x 12 CC Bat Wing x 12 CC (LBAC, RLBAC, Seal Claps, OH […]

04/20/2022 Rameses – Digital Couponing with a Nihilist

I figured out on Tuesday evening that Flappy is a nihilist. This is not necessarily a negative, as there are versions of nihilism that are also compatible with genuine existence. Most chefs are nihilists and fear the ideologue who could introduce optimism into the mix. That's not good for the kitchen–and I certainly do not […]

04/06/2022 Rameses – Juices Flowing

A spot on the coveted Rameses Q sheet opened up about a month ago. YHC was privileged & honored to fill the spot. We all have exercises and movements we tend to shy away from, especially if we do them on our own. Some of these include: pullups, lower body, sprints, & burpees. All were […]

Testing our limits on THWM

14 PAX met in the frigid gloom not knowing exactly what was going to go down, but ready to test their limits on THWM. And that’s just what we did. As if that wasn’t enough, 5 brave souls chose to get there a little early for a pull-up EC courtesy of Flapjack. Needless to say, […]

02/02/2022 Rameses – Two’s Company

Here we go. YHC took some chances in the preblast, towing the line between intrigue and chaos. 17 PAX were inspired to post, and YHC was humbled to kick things off. Greetings were dispensed. Disclaimers were disclaimed Warmarama: 1. Fellowship lap around the parking lot to make peace with the 22 degree weather 2. Side […]

A Little R&R at Rameses (Running & Reps)

YHC has had enough of that damn hill already in 2022, so the plan was to leave the AO today. Warmorama Mosey up to the upper parking lot. My take on the Weasel Shaker’s ‘accelerated warm-up’: SSH x 25 IC Mountain Climbers x 20 IC Reverse Lunges x 15 IC Merkins x 10 Burpees x […]