05/12/2022 Paradise – Roundabouts, pedestrians, & urinals oh my

Honored to lead a great group of men at Paradise! YHC preblasted intention of venting on some things that raise my temp. I needed to see if others feel the same way… Warmup SSH x 26 IC (my 2.0s halfway believe me that I am actually 26) WMH x 10 IT Windmills x 10 IC […]

Battle of the Puebla

Beautiful 62 degree morning with a light breeze. Low humidity – good times in the gloom! Cinco de Mayo is upon us so it is time to remember that this holiday is not a major holiday in Mexico and only commentates the Battle of the Puebla.  This battle was significant because it represented the French […]

Run for the Hills

Beautiful 61 degree morning with a light breeze. Low humidity – perfect spring morning. Strange van was parked on the sidewalk outside the school along with a professional camera on a tripod.  Perhaps the news trying to get footage of the school due to a Covid outbreak at the high school.   Warm-up SSH, Imperial […]

04/07/2022 Paradise – You Against Yourself

Recycled a modified Marine 16 workout that I found on www.wodwell.com. Simple design – make the most of your time and compete against yourself. Warm-Up: Typical Stuff Main Event: Eight 2-minute intervals. Start each interval with sprinting 25 yards. Then, perform 16 reps of the given exercise for that interval. Then sprint back and perform […]

03/31/2022 Paradise – Viddy Well You Pax

There was me, that is TPS, and 18 of me droogs. We sat in the Paradise AO trying to make up our rassoodocks what to do with the morning. Vice, he sharpened us up to start for a bit of the old ultra-exercise at 730. We started the srencrom with the warmup of that would […]

Uzi’s Birthday

EC consisted of Vice’s soon-to-be-famous “Chests of Gold” ST. PATTY’s Day Tabata block workout. Warm-a-rama (Uzi) Some stuff involving getting down on the ground and up quickly.   The Thang #1 (Maraschino) One PAX carries a sandbag (40# or 80#) down the breezeway about 50 feet and back, while other PAX do alternating sets of […]

03/10/2022 Paradise – To the 10th Power

For the years I’ve been posting, I recently had a novel realization. Why do we regularly call 100 Merkins when most dudes aren’t doing but half a Merkin? Most reps would not be counted if we were doing the middle school PE test. If you don’t know what that is, ask a man over 40 […]

03/04/2022 Paradise – Tire’s Tread for Trying Times

Warmup: 15 High Knees 20s Push-up Plank + 10s Low Plank Hold 50' side shuffle 30s Wall Sit 50' side shuffle 15 High Knees 50' side shuffle 20s Balls-to-wall 50' side shuffle Forming Teams: Group into sets of 3 by finish time 50' side shuffle 5 Burpees 50' side shuffle –> End Result: 7 teams […]

Paradise and Coffee

Warm Up -Spine Twists into Kidney Knockers -Arm Circles -The Motivator – with false starts. -Parker Peter Mountain Climbers – slow and deliberate -Waist Outlaws -HillBilly Jacks Main Event -Ascension Jump Squat Twists – Start from a low position. Like a Bobby Hurley but both arms going up on the ascent and twisting 180 degrees. […]

02/03/2022 Paradise – I feel like I’ve been MisSled

It was a wonderful and warm morning in Paradise. 15 showed up for a good time with 50F weather. Warm up SSH WMH with arm salutation to the sky Elephant walks Arm Circles Overhead claps Seal Claps Overhead press Shoulder rotations The warm up was a nice demonstration of what was to come. We counted […]