11/03/2022 Paradise – Thor’s hammer

I made an announcement prior to my Q comparing myself to Thor’s hammer. To stick with the theme, we ran the loop stopping periodically to do an exercise. We repeated that exercise(s) and added another until we finished back at the startX. One PAX count the same exercise at each stop, so we never lost […]

10/06/2022 Paradise – Forward and drawkcaB

It was a pleasure to lead this group of men at Paradise, my alma-mater AO. We were missing our fearless leader and Site Q, Vice, and thoughts we with he and his family before and after the workout. Warmarama High knees CC x 20 Overheard clap to seal clap CC x 20 Slow low squat […]

09/29/2022 Paradise – Tunnel of Love

Hill Billy 10IC Michael Phelps 10IC WMH 10IC Overhead Press 10IC SSH 20IC 15 pax gathered to work on functional strength training, Spartan style. The pax, collectively, rotated between stations for amrap of below exercises until timer (sandbag carry) has finished parking lot loop. Pull-ups/dead hang/scap pull-ups/knee raise, power 90’s Battle Rope American Hammer Box […]

09/08/2022 Paradise – A Good Day for a Great Day

A while back, fellow Virgo, Brotox, signed us up for a Birthday Q at the one and only Paradise. Alas, Brotox had to renege as he’s in Italy, most likely wearing fancy shoes, sipping espressos, and gallivanting about the country on a Vespa and yelling “Ciao” at random strangers. And so, alas alas, the Paradise […]

08/11/2022 Paradise – 11’s on the eleventh

Warm Up: Slow squat 10IC Good Morning 10IC Hillbilly 10IC SSH 20IC WMH 10IC Main Event: Mosey to 2nd traffic circle, bottom of the hill for 11’s. Along the way Ricky Bobby w last man dropping for a burpee At the bottom start with 10 hand release merkins, run 1/2 way up the hill and […]

07/28/2022 Paradise – String of Pearls 2 miles

Perhaps the most basic bootcamp is sometimes referred to as a Strong of Pearls. Don't ask Uzi what that is. It simply running for a while and stopping for some exercise… then repeating back to where you started. That's what we did this morning and we cover 2 miles. Not too shabby! Due to the […]

End of School Year 2022

I was asked to do a Q with no theme or music but I explained during the mumble-chatter that I am just not capable of leading such a workout. Instead, I chose to do an end of the school year/baseball themed workout. I really had to modify because in the voting it was going to […]

05/27/2022 Paradise – Goodbyes Are Never Easy

Warmup: 15 High Knees 20s Push-up Plank + 10s Low Plank Hold 50' side shuffle 30s Wall Sit 50' side shuffle 15 High Knees 50' side shuffle 20s Balls-to-wall 50' side shuffle –> Team Up: 6 teams of 3 Station 1: 2 Pax: Tire Flip 1 Pax: Farmer's Carry – Tire [TIMER, rotate when 6 […]

05/12/2022 Paradise – Roundabouts, pedestrians, & urinals oh my

Honored to lead a great group of men at Paradise! YHC preblasted intention of venting on some things that raise my temp. I needed to see if others feel the same way… Warmup SSH x 26 IC (my 2.0s halfway believe me that I am actually 26) WMH x 10 IT Windmills x 10 IC […]

Battle of the Puebla

Beautiful 62 degree morning with a light breeze. Low humidity – good times in the gloom! Cinco de Mayo is upon us so it is time to remember that this holiday is not a major holiday in Mexico and only commentates the Battle of the Puebla.  This battle was significant because it represented the French […]