12/05/2022 Kenan – Birthday Hell Week

I started this week-long tradition of leading a workout each day during my birthday week. It was an unofficial tradition in F3 at one time. I believe it still is among a few PAX. This time, I chose to lead six consecutive workouts from Monday to Saturday. The patterns for the sites selected are different […]

11/28/2022 Kenan – The Suicide Solution

This weekend was a particularly dark day for UNC mens' athletics, with the football team losing in OT to State and the bball team losing 2x. As penance for the poor play and poor results, PAX needed to do some suicides. Warm up: SSH, WMH, IW, HB, AC, OC, MC, PP, PP The Thang: Escalating […]

11/14/2022 Kenan – Start with Stairs Finish with Stairs

This was my VQ at Kenan, a site that I don't frequent very often, but really should. It is a great site with lots of options both inside and outside the stadium, which allows the Q to keep things interesting. That is exactly what I tried to do. Was it successful? I will let you […]

Morning Glory

Despite what you may have heard, YHC doesn’t love using the garage over at the school of government, but Bump Draft’s stash of cinder blocks is stacked there, so off we went.  Several Legends of the Gloom emerged from the piney mist of the North Gate this morning, along with a strong SLT contingent and […]

10/03/2022 Kenan – Birthday Beatdown

YHC took the reins to provide a proper kick-off the birthday day 4 Pax crushed the Kenan stairs for 30 minute of #1MOMS #1MECKS EC. After Champ departed to tend to his pectoral, another 10 Pax arrived for the Main Event. A beatdown ensued. WARM-UP (SSH, Mt. Climber, Everests, Merkin-Dogs, Arm Circles) THE THANG Mosey […]

It’s gettin hot in herre

12 PAX descended on the great stadium in the trees, with a promise of a full experience. 3 PAX went the extra mile in a Spartan style EC led by Lightweight. With temps at a perfect 60 deg, the PAX were ready to turn up the heat, and that’s just what we did. Let’s get […]

7 Years of Misery

YHC celebrated my 7th anniversary of F3.  In 2015, I  chatted with an old friend at our daughter’s soccer game.  We used to run together and I wanted to re-start the running group.  He mentioned this new thing he was doing – F3.  Sounded crazy, meeting a group of guys at 5:30 AM to do […]

08/29/2022 Kenan – 2 Left Shoes

Rough start as Lightweight showed up to EC with 2 left shoes (#Mondays amirite!). So Coach K and YHC headed off for an EC Mosey. By the time ME rolled around 6 pax and 12 shoes with their proper pair were ready for action. Let the beatdown commence: Warm-Up: SSH Mt. Climber Everests Plank Twists […]

08/08/2022 Kenan – A Kingpin among The Godfathers

There are sites where a beatdown is expected and encouraged. Kenan is one of those sites where a beatdown is necessary to please the regulars. I did not intend to Q at Kenan on my third anniversary, but it happened this way because of a switcharoo. I asked Lightweight if we could run the stadium […]

07/25/2022 Kenan – Exicon in Action

We know that we have funny names for exercise. Some like Willie Mays Hayes or Johnny Drama seem self evident, but what about Homer to Marge? After asking numerous men why we call it Homer to Marge, and getting a different answer from all, I looked it up in the Exicon. Turns out what Churham […]