08/08/2022 Kenan – A Kingpin among The Godfathers

There are sites where a beatdown is expected and encouraged. Kenan is one of those sites where a beatdown is necessary to please the regulars. I did not intend to Q at Kenan on my third anniversary, but it happened this way because of a switcharoo. I asked Lightweight if we could run the stadium […]

07/25/2022 Kenan – Exicon in Action

We know that we have funny names for exercise. Some like Willie Mays Hayes or Johnny Drama seem self evident, but what about Homer to Marge? After asking numerous men why we call it Homer to Marge, and getting a different answer from all, I looked it up in the Exicon. Turns out what Churham […]

Blue Heaven Campus Tour

The day got off to a sub-optimal start when YHC realized that 1) his Garmin didn’t charge and was dead and 2) the dry ice he’d bought (because Harris Teeter was out of regular ice) had frozen the Gatorades he’d bought for coffeteria instead of chilling them. Onward!   WARMORAMA SSH x 20 Arm circles […]

07/11/2022 Kenan – Getting Better at Hard Things

YHC was honored and excited to have the opportunity to return to the Q of Kenan. Inspired by the leadership that site-Qs Right-Swipe and Lightweight have invested in this site and the energy was great. YHC wanted to bring a banger of a workout to honor the spirit of AO Founder Shooter who consistently leads […]


While the 5:45 start (ok, it’s actually the 6:30 end) can be a little bit of a deterrent for YHC during the school year, YHC always enjoys making the trip over to #Kenan for a Monday beatdown on holidays and in the summer. An eager 5 PAX got started early with a 5k trek through […]

Not Quite Over The Hill

YHC is nearing the crest of the hill but is not quite over it, thus upon occasion of passing my 65th birthday last week wanted to return to lead the boys in another rendition of what Lightweight has creatively branded “America’s Greatest Start to the Week.” Indeed! The Thang: Warmup SSH x 20, IW x […]

05/02/2022 Kenan – Igloo’s VQ

Thank you to all for coming out. Was a beautiful morning on the field! Watching the sunrise while on the field is a great start to the day.   YHC did not sleep well the night before – couldn't tell if the VQ was on my mind or if our youth baseball OC Crusher's heartbreaking […]

04/11/2022 Kenan – Modified Team Murph/DORA

Lightweight was kind enough to remind YHC that I had the Q this Monday. I must admit, I have been a little scatterbrained lately. I had planned for PAX to do a Murph, but an advance scouting mission failed to find any pull-up bars near the AO, so decided to modify. Weather was perfect and […]

04/04/2022 Kenan – Three sets on Championship Monday

Several PAX took on the steps in Kenan for an EC effort. A brisk warm-up preceded three sets of work for ME. Set one – 10 minutes of crawl bears up the turf hill, ten burpees at the top. Resting position was hands and knees facing downhill as needed. Set two – 10 minutes of […]

03/21/2022 Kenan – Spring is Slangin’ Season

A joke for spring: April showers bring May flowers. And what do May flowers bring? Pilgrims. Slangin' season -or- "slangin' szn" is vernacular for the time of year when Ultimate Frisbee enthusiasts want to be outdoors at all hours. Fittingly, I wanted the PAX of Kenan to get some significant sprint-work in, as I will […]