N Minus 1

Warm-Up: Side Shuffle Hop x 25 Cadence Imperial Walkers x 10 Cadence Hillbillies x 10 Cadence Little Baby Arm Circles x 10 Cadence Shoulder Press x 10 Cadence Overhead Clap x 10 Cadence Seal Clap x 10 Cadence Windmill x 10 Cadence Willy Mays Hays x 10 Cadence 5 Penalty Burpees The Thang: Run the […]

07/06/2022 Hurricanrana – One light post at a time

Warm Up Side shuffle hops Willie Mays Hayes Harvester Arm Circles Seal Clap Overhead clap Main Event-mosey to hill Using light post as markers: Skip to each light post uphill Each time you get to a post complete that number of burpees Back at the bottom multiply the number of light post and complete that […]

06/08/2022 Hurricanrana – Dippin Hops the workout of the future

Warmed up Merkin Circle! Various 10 count merkin variations with 10 second "recovery" plans in between Dippin Hops! ladder of dips (10,15,20,15,10) with variations of jump squats in between (squat jump, frog jump, jump lunges…) ladder of derkins (10,15,20,15,10) with variations of jump squats in between (squat jump, frog jump, jump lunges…) ladder of irkins […]

05/11/2022 Hurricanrana – Keep it moving!

Warm up: SSH 5 Burpees Willie Mays Hayes 5 Burpees Harvester 5 Burpees Arm Circles 5 Burpees Mosey around the parking lot, stop at the bottom, line up for a round of suicides. Mosey to bus lot entrance for 10 burpees. Backwards run to next stop: 10 burpees, 20 Chowdah Squats. Sprint to middle of […]

Three Man Weave

The trend of 30 degree temperatures continued this morning. Many guys were OOT on Spring Break, but we still had a strong crowd of 9 show up to tackle the toughest part of their day. 9 was an ideal number for what YHC had planned. Warm-Up: exercises in cadence SSH x20 Harvesters x10 LBAC x10 […]

03/23/2022 Hurricanrana – Hundreds of Burpees

Warmarama- SSH X30, Harvester X12, WMH X12, Mountain Climber X15, Merkin X10, LBACs X12 F&R, Squat X15 The Thang Parking Lot Tracer for the full length of the lot. Mosey around the traffic circle to the school entrance 10min EMOM 5 burpees- after completing the burpees each minute the PAX completed a rotation of the […]

03/16/2022 Hurricanrana – Running in Circles

A beautiful morning greeted 11 PAX for constant motion and active recovery. 5 sprints with Burpees kept the HR high between rounds Warmup: SSH, Harvesters, WMH, arm circles, neck rolls, OYO stretching ME: Round 1: Sprint, Burpees, Jump Squats, Dips, Overhead Press Round 2: Sprint, Burpees, Jump Squats, Merkins, Plank, Seal claps Round 3: Sprint, […]

02/24/2022 Hurricanrana – First & Last

In Talladega Nights, Ricky Bobby liked to say “if you’re not first, you’re last.” That’s why we call a Ricky Bobby run what we do. Well, that and the former name was ethnically insensitive. This morning we followed a similar rhythm with Bataan Death Crawl and it’s less known cousin the Bataan Death Lunge. Warmarama […]