07/20/2022 House of Pain – March is a verb too

EC Two ran 5k while I and my awesome playlist of 1990’s rock did TABATA style including rows, deadlifts, curls, overhead press, squats Warmarama Mosey lap w/Karaoke/Tin Soldier/Oil Derrick/lunge with a twist. Main Event Mosey’d to the front drive for the Bataan Death Crawl. PAX Bear Crawled in a line. The man in the rear […]

07/06/2022 House of Pain – Island Hopping

Nothing says summer like hopping from island to island doing some fun activities with your friends and traveling around. That's just what we did. Welcome to Whiffenpoof who happened to be floating around in the nearby seas and got rescued by a friendly island PAX. Standard warmup Main Event PAX in pairs with steel in […]

06/15/2022 House of Pain – Sweaty, Swole, & Satsang

I was prepared to reprise the F3 Churham Baseball workout I've done in years past. Thanks to Crabcakes Pre-blast, it reminded me of the amazing baseball season my beloved Diamond Heels had…they won an unexpected ACC Championship in defeating the vaunted Virginia Tech Hokies, College World Series participating Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the rival […]

05/18/2022 House of Pain – Return to Your Roots

YHC has not posted at HoP for some time, but it's where the magic began. HoP was the site where I posted for the first time, under the leadership of Tuco. It was good to be back and to feel the punishing pain of the steel again. Warmuprama SSH / Windmill / WMH / LBAC […]

A steel chipper for the boys

9 PAX met in the gloom for the ME ready to show the steel some much needed attention. 3 got an early start with an EC 5k, riddled with conjecture about the future of Baker Mayfield…nothing was settled. For the ME, YHC drew up a straightforward chipper with a few recovery breaks built in. Let’s […]

05/04/2022 House of Pain – May the 4th Be With Us

In a galaxy far, far away, maybe you can get swoll without doing the work. Not here. 3 PAX showed for a Star Wars-themed (May the 4th) circuit. Critical numbers were 12 (# of movies) and 41 (years spanning the series so far). Warmup – SSH, hillbilly, Willie Mays Hayes, Arm circles, Mountain climbers The […]

04/13/2022 House of Pain – Gut Check

Today's workout was really straight forward, but as YHC writes this, my core reminds me that it wasn't easy. WARM UP SSH x 24 WMH x 12 Harvesters x 12 LBAC x 12 RLBAC x 12 Hillbillies x 12 Imperial Walkers x 12 THE THANG YHC had three escalators in mind, one for each major […]

02/16/2022 House of Pain – Count to Seven 7 Times

Warm-up – 10 reps of: side shuffle hop, willie mays hayes, windmill – 3 rounds of: 21 mountain climbers, 15 jump squats, 9 hand-release merkins Main Event 7 rounds of: – 7 handstand push-ups – 7 thrusters (with steel) – 7 V-ups – 7 bicep curl & overhead press (with steel) – 7 burpees – […]