08/05/2022 Duck and Weave – Get Back up Again

YHC answered AOQ, Elf's, call for Qs a few weeks back and jumped on the earliest open spot…Still recovering from a family trip to the Great Northwest which included the 3 hour time change and some great mountain trail running and some injuries from said trail running…ironically the injuries on my hands, due to tripping […]

Duck Duck Pyramid

YHC was pleased to make his first trip to the Northern Province this morning, having accepted Elf’s offer to Q some months prior. A little satellite recon for planning, and the #duck-and-weave regulars made sure YHC didn’t get lost along the way. Coco threw out a Kettlebell EC on Slack, and YHC figured he’d better […]

06/10/2022 Duck and Weave – Block B.O.M.B.S.

Completion of the Trip Nip. Warm-o-Rama: SSH 29 IC…see what I did there? Bat Wings (LBAC, Seal Claps, OH Claps, 10IC ea) Plank Jacks, Mtn Climbers 10 IC ea, Slow Merkins x5 IT mosey to the blocks In honor of Elf and his bday tomorrow, PAX completed: E- elephants 10IC L – line jumps 15 […]

05/20/2022 Duck and Weave – Simple but not Easy

YHC signed up to Q to test the waters after DC star course last weekend. I decided to “test” the PAX fitness level to equalize everyone and see how they were able to respond (or something philosophical like that). Warm up SSH, Slow Merkins, Slow Squats Micheal Phelps. Mosey to Farmers market (Listening to F3 […]

05/06/2022 Duck and Weave – 5 Years and Still Undefeated

**Here is the official playlist from the Duck and Weave annual tradition of Cinco de Mayo Q's. Enjoy listening while reading this backblast: https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLH95rGHE0te6u6iNCBhWFM0mqyD_JjKVX&feature=share ** So how do you say thank you? Over the past five years, countless men across the F3 community have contributed to Churham's expansion into the small town of Hillsborough. We […]

04/15/2022 Duck and Weave – All Three Sides of the Train Tracks

YHC was paid to be a fake Marine last week. Naturally, he brought some of this knowledge to Duck and Weave… starting on the right foot, "Lo Right, A Lo Right Lay-A…" was our cadence song all the way to Gold Park. Not sure if the PAX would take to this experiment, YHC made sure […]

03/18/2022 Duck and Weave – Top Down and Bottoms Up

The moon was full, the Eno was gurgling (presumably), and the PAX were awake — this was destined to be a fine day. YHC was a first-time visitor (long-time admirer) of the ol' Duck and Weave, and he was enamored with the parking garage. A simple thing, but perfect for a hands-on lesson on the […]

03/11/2022 Duck and Weave – Trip Nip!

It has been a great week in the Northern Province. PAX are always welcoming and the turn out has been impressive. For this Q, YHC had to dip into the Lexicon. Warmup: SSH, Harvester, WMH, IW, HB, ACs, overhead press, MCs, PP, Slow merkin The Thang: BLIMPS Decided to do a variation of the BLIMPS […]

03/04/2022 Duck and Weave – WHAT’S MY NUMBER?

Practice makes progress, no rush towards perfection. The PAX helped the Q with his counting skills along with our southern brothers Cousin Vinny, Zika, and Cosmo. WARM UP SSH x20 IC Slow Windmills (Abe Vigotas) x10 IC Variations on Jumping Rope without a rope (up and down, side to side, alternating feet) x30 IC (just […]

02/11/2022 Duck and Weave – Westend travels to Hillsborough

It was a lot of fun to come back to Duck and Weave for our February Q swap with Westend. Too bad there is no coffee close by because with an early finish, it would be nice to do a little second F. Warm-up Side shuffle Willie Mays haze Windmill Arm circles Burpees Main Event […]