04/27/2022 Conjunction Junction – Safari

Safari is a Kiswahili word for expedition and just back from West Africa, that was what I was in the mood for. WARM-UP SSH x 30 IC, Imperial Walker x 15 IC, Hillbilly x 15 IC, Overhead Clap x 20 IC, Mt Climbers x 20 IC, Willie Mayes Hayes x 10 IC, Dry Docks x […]

04/06/2022 Conjunction Junction – Fortunately, we ran out of time

It’s co-Q month at CJ and YHC and Yo-Yo made like Ren & Stimpy, Woody & Buzz, Sonny & Cher, Frodo & Sam, peanut butter & jelly BUT even better. Warm-Up: Some exercises that Yo-Yo led. Main Event: Yo-Yo first – DORA consisting of 100 Diamond Merkins, 200 LBCs IC, 300 Jump Squats with run […]

03/30/2022 Conjunction Junction – Road Closure

Honored to lead at my old stomping grounds with the great men of CJ! Gave myself the typical 5min window to arrive early to chat with PAX as they arrive only to find a road closure 1.5 miles away. YHC contemplated parking and running from there. But decided to do the detour down Estes, MLK, […]

03/09/2022 Conjunction Junction – 4 Years of Conjunction Junction

The easiest way to write a Backblast is to have Dean Wormer write it for you. YHC decided to look through some old backblasts for inspiration. Filtering on the Conjunction Junction tag and going all the way back to the oldest one revealed a Dean Wormer Q. As it turns out, it was the first […]

03/02/2022 Conjunction Junction – Slog and go

The idea of this workout was to do our excercises slowly with good form, but get some high intensity cardio worked inbetween Nightshift sprinkled in some stretching througout Warm-up: Side shuffle, windmills, arm circles, willie mays haze, 6 count slow burpees Main event 1 Like a DORA but rather than counting the reps, we just […]

02/23/2022 Conjunction Junction – I’m Gonna Count to Three!

Oatmeal for Breakfast and the numbers didn't always add up on this VQ. WARM-UP SSH x 20 IC Slow Windmills x10 IC Jump Rope without a rope x 30 IC Michael Phelps x10 IC Mountain Climbers x 10 IC Willie Mayes Hayes x10 IC COUNT-A-RAMA (remember your number) MAIN EVENT MOSEY around the front parking […]

02/09/2022 Conjunction Junction – Billy Graduated!

Our Q announced back issues yesterday, so I stepped in to Q. That announcement trigger a chorus of PAX singing songs of sorrow regarding their back and or knee pains. Despite this, those posting this morning had an average age of 52 years. Perhaps the IR is reserved for the young! We failed to complete […]

02/02/2022 Conjunction Junction – Celebrating Twosday, 2/2/22

The warmup: SSH Good Mornings Imperial Walkers Mountain Climbers WMHs Arm Circles Main event: Since today’s date was all about the twos, we celebrated that by doing two rounds of six exercises, starting with 2, then 4, 6, then 8, then back down to 2. Short run between each group of exercises. The format was […]

01/26/2022 Conjunction Junction – Càtch mé if ÿôù çàn

Before every Q, I ask my family if there is any particular activity I should include in the workout I'm planning. Without fail, my wife says we should do pliés. I don't know much about pliés, so I've never put them in my workout…until today. Here are the basics as I understand them: Apparently, French […]