09/28/2022 Conjunction Junction – Middle Ground

Delayed my anniversary Q for a month due to some internal plumbing issues. Excited to have the opportunity to lead. Warmarama: SSH Hillbilly (or imperial walker) Imperial Walker (or hillbilly) WMH Arm Circles The Thang: Mosey'd around parking lot to benches in front of school for 2 rounds of dips and single leg step ups. […]

09/21/2022 Conjunction Junction – The Longest Shuffle

The PAX of Conjunction Junction had the pleasure of a VQ (YHC Wham-O)/Co-Q (Slug) this morning. Still pretty new to F3, I took to the backblasts and worked off of Foghorn Leghorn's VQ from a while back: https://f3churham.com/vq-keep-it-stupid-simple/. The ME met my dual goals of (1) let each PAX push to their own limit and […]

09/14/2022 Conjunction Junction – CJ Q School Quicky

Y’all may have heard Malcolm Gladwell talk about how you need 10,000 hours of practice to become a expert. Who’s got that kinda time? Let’s just begin by with incremental improvement each morning. That’s the goal of the Q School Quicky(QSQ). The first thing a Q should do is plan. Write it down if your […]

08/31/2022 Conjunction Junction – Groundhog Day Came Early

Bill Murray, aka Groundhog Day, may be the essential F3 beatdown. It's a String of Pearls with the same exercises over and over and over and over again. We traveled just over 2 miles and managed to EH a solo runner. I caught him on a hill. I didn't finish a sentence before the dude […]

Pulling Weeds

8 PAX showed up for some EC weed pulling.  Added one and got into it after mandatory disclaimer.   Warm-a-rama (all IC) 12 IWs 25 SSHs 10 WMHs 10 LBACs 12 Reverse LBACs 10 Hillbillies   The Thang (Reverse Red Rover Dora) Pax split into two teams–one with 4 PAX and one with 5 PAX.  […]

08/03/2022 Conjunction Junction – That was a quick 45 minutes!

Here it is. Short and sweet: Warm-up Side shuffle Windmills Arm circles Willie Mays Haze Imperial walker squats Burpees Main event 1 Mosey to the benches 10 derkins, 10 dips, 10 step ups (each foot), 10 Johnny dramas Repeat but add 5 more Repeat but add 5 more Do some stretching to bring the heart […]

07/27/2022 Conjunction Junction – What?!!? No FNG??!!!

YHC's back was still achy from last week and from Qing Vortex the day before so wasn't completely sure of the plan for the day. Once a brief reconnaissance revealed that the tennis courts were locked, YHC decided to do 11s for the day. Initially, there was some concern on the Slack channel regarding numbers […]

07/07/2022 Conjunction Junction – What does the seal say?

It was a morning like any other, when 6 PAX converged on the still pristine AO of Conjunction Junction. WARM UP SSH IC x 30, Imperial Squat Walkers x 10 IC, Willie Mays Hayes x 10 IC, LBAC IC x 15, Windmill, Parker-Peter Knee Taps MAIN EVENT The Grass (rectangle in from of the school) […]

06/29/2022 Conjunction Junction – Because We Could

Hard to believe it was almost 20 years ago our country was enthralled by our command and chief having sexual relations with “that woman.” After finally admitting to it, Bill Clinton write a book in which he offered the reason he committed adultery with an intern was because he could. Slick Willy was confirming what […]

06/23/2022 Conjunction Junction – Into the Woods

3 is the loneliest number next to 4 but was more than enough for PAX to push each other and YHC. We explored the outer-rim of CJ and took advantage of the early daylight to go boldly where we have never gone before. WARM-UP SSH, Imperial Walker, Hillbilly, Mt Climbers (mostly to give a chance […]