11/14/2022 The Eagle – Planktonic Friendships

—– Warma – a – rama • 20x IC SSH • 5x Burpess OYO • 10x IC Slow Squats • 5x Burpees OYO • 10x IC Merkins • 5x Burpees OYO • 20x IC SSH • 5x Burpees OYO • 10x IC Willie Mayes Hayes • 10x IC Little Baby Arm Circles • 10x IC […]

10/24/2022 The Eagle – 297 things

This week, 300 of 2022’s days will have passed. For some, it’s been a year of progress in all F’s and maybe some other letters. For others, it may have been a year of regress. For most all of us, it’s a mix. So, today, 297 days into the year, we commit ourselves to a […]

Last Day of 40

YHC signed up months ago to Q #theeagle in anticipation of kicking off his birthday week. Unfortunately, the next he thought about it was Sunday afternoon, when the Pre-Blast went up on Slack. So… no tidy 41 theme to celebrate another year around the sun. YHC went to the well, and pulled out some old […]

10/10/2022 The Eagle – Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples’ Day History Lesson

As we were driving home from the mountains on Sunday, I told my M that I was Q'ing the next day, and was planning a Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples' Day beatdown. She's been researching Cherokee history in the area, and was inspired to write the workout for me, without prompting from me. I think she did […]

10/03/2022 The Eagle – Rainy Card Game

WARM UP Run 1 lap around the track 10 imperial walkers 10 hillbillies 10 arm circles 10 overhead press 10 slow squats MAIN EVENT The Pax counted off into two teams. Then YHC broke out the official F3 card deck. It was time to play the card classic: war (or at least a modified version […]

09/26/2022 The Eagle – Six Shooter Q Soup

The Eagle uncharacteristically was left without a Q this morning so YHC made the call at 5:30 to take the Site-Q’s recommendation and call a Q Soup. We don’t do anything without giving it a snazzy name and since there were six of us, we decided to name the work out The Six Shooter. The […]

08/29/2022 The Eagle – Down Range Lesson

I posted twice in Danville PA last week. Posting down range presents challenge for a prolific sweater such as myself, but the welcome I’ve received in the gloom by veritable strangers makes it worth the effort. We’re a part of something bigger than the AOs we regularly post… bigger than Churham. We’re a part of […]

Feels Like the First Time

Shoshin (初心) is a word from Zen Buddhism meaning “beginner’s mind.” It refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level, just as a beginner would. The term is especially used in the study of Zen Buddhism and Japanese martial arts. […]

Oh, and once I saw a B.L.I.M.P.

YHC was supposed to have hip surgery July 25 but went and got COVID, so surgery postponed until Aug. 22. Trying to take advantage of this stay of execution by posting as much as possible before going on the shelf for six weeks or so. Empty slot on The Eagle Q sheet was a golden […]

4 Years Later

It was 4 years (and 2 days, if we’re being technical) ago that YHC made his first post at #theeagle. Ocho was the Q that day, and YHC didn’t really know what to expect. YHC felt pretty good for the first few minutes, which he learned later were “The Warmup.” 45 minutes later, YHC was […]