• When: 06/19/18
  • QIC: The Vortex
  • The PAX: Cooter, Big Kat, FNG Golden Belt, Noonan, FNG Drive Thru, FNG Pipes (2.0 of Father Foot Loose), Father Foot Loose, Looney, Coco, TB, Malware, Newt, Stevie Ray, Poser, BnB, Teo, Pusher, OPEC, Slim Jim, EZ Pass, Subprime, Peach, Dean Wormer, Food Lion, Fish 'N Chips, Assisi, Bushwood, Gordo, Night Shift, Amphibious

While running backwards on the track, I took a nasty spill at Devil’s Ridge on Monday. I came down hard on my wrist. Fortunately, it is just sore and needed a few days of rest, which meant I had to devise a wristless workout plan for the Vortex. Congrats and welcome to all three FNGs: Pipes, Golden Belt and Drive Thru! Good work men! Here is how it all went down:


One lap around the fields

SSH x 25

IW x 10

Hillbilly x 10

WMH x 10

Windmill x 10

The Thang

PAX completed three timed runs, with exercises after each run. The runs were 8 mins, 4 mins and 2 mins. The exercises following each run included:

Cool down: IW x 10, Hillbilly x 10, WMH x 10

Tuck Jumps x 20 (60 total)

WWII x 20 (60 total)

Jump Lunge x 20 (60 total)

To wrap things up, PAX paired up and took turns leap frogging over their parter across half of the field.


LBC x 25

Freddy Mercury x 25

Russian Hammer x 20

Flutters x 50


Pray for Peach and his family as they leave for Honduras for a Mission Trip this week. Good work Peach!!

Prayers for Baxter, our real live Green Beret, who was deployed to Somalia last week. Apparently the fighting is hot and heavy, and he’ll be in it, so pray that he comes home safe as planned in December, and look after his wife family while he’s away.



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