Playing with the Queen of Hearts

  • When: 06/20/18
  • QIC: Fieri
  • The PAX: Minecraft, Frank Lloyd Bunyan, Yanni

Warm Up
Good Mornings x10
Imperial Walkers x10 (IC)
Arm Circles x10 (IC)
Willie Mayes Hayes x10

The Thang
YHC decided to bring back an oldie but goodie – Deck of Cards – but modified to make it a bit
more challenging than usual. It was a ridiculously hot and humid morning so of course there
would be mucho sweating!

PAX moseyed to the parking lot behind the traffic circle/courthouse where YHC revealed the
deck of 54 cards (included the two jokers). PAX took turns drawing a card. The suit determined
the exercise and the face value determined the reps. J, Q and K are 10 reps. Aces and Jokers are
special (and explained later). At some point one of the PAX randomly started singing ‘Playing
with the Queen of Hearts’ which annoyed the rest because it was stuck in our heads and we
couldn’t remember the artist. We later determined it to be Juice Newton.

Diamonds: Iron Mikes (IC)
Hearts: Mountain Climbers (IC)
Red Aces: 20 Burpees oyo
Spades: Merkins (IC)
Clubs: WWIIs
Black Aces: Bear Crawl around the perimeter of the parking lot
Jokers: Yul Brynner Magnificent Seven (A joker wasn’t actually drawn but YHC forced the PAX to
do it anyway before time expired. Between each set of merkins all PAX must maintain plank
position. If any PAX drops out of plank then ALL PAX must do 10 burpees oyo. 10 burpees were
in order.
– Carolina Dry Docks x10
– Wide Merkins x10
– Merkins x10
– Ranger Merkins x10
– Diamond Merkins x10
– Crucible Merkins x10
– Chuck Norris Merkins x10

Mosey back to AO.

No time for mary.

2 nd F tonight in Briar Chapel at the Wall picnic tables @ 8 pm. It is Golden Pinkie’s farewell get
together. Bring out a PAX who hasn’t posted in a while to re-engage.
2 nd F Opportunity at City Tap in Pittsboro tomorrow night (6/21) @ 8 pm.

If you know of a PAX who hasn’t posted in a while (not due to an injury) then reach out and see
if we can encourage them to come out. You never know what may be going on in their life and
it could be that a little encouragement and support would help them through a hard time. As
we all know, F3 isn’t just about fitness.

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