“Wow, you can totally taste the preservatives.”

  • When: 09/29/17
  • QIC: Boyardee
  • The PAX: Duplo, Nescafe, Dueling Banjos, Cold Call, Bunyan, Bright Idea, Hollywood, Sneaky Shoes, Chum, FNG Megatron, Rickroll, Podric, Nanu nanu, Breach, Rambler, Nitro, Bean bag, Stickman, John boy, Fieri, Stinky Pete, FNG Montoya, Horny Toad, Chef Tell, Woodcock

3 PAX had an xl ruck today starting at 4:30 AM, not for the faint of heart.  The rest of the PAX, lazy or sensible depending on your view, collected promptly at 5:45 for  a breakfast of champions.  Beefaroni time!

2 FNG’s bravely faced the unknown and came out victorious with fantastic names.  Welcome Megatron and (Inego) Montoya. “You killed my father, prepare to die.”

Warm up

IW x20

Willy Mayes Hayes x10

Arm circles x10

Plank stretches


Mosey to the bottom of the hill for interval sprinting

5 burpees and sprint to the next intersection

10 merkins and sprint to the next intersection

15 jump squats and sprint to the next intersection

20 dry docks and mosey to the traffic circle


Split the group

Half the group does wheel of merkin carousel x10 each direction

other half alternates peoples chair and BTTW


Mosey back to the intersections

20 burpees and sprint, 15 merkins and sprint, 10 jump squats and sprint, 5 dry docks

Form 3 lines for Bear crawl inch worm up the hill.  2 cycles each PAX

Mosey to the dip station x 25, x20, x15


Crucifix holds x 3

Heels to heaven x 15



CARPEX Odyssey coming up

Opportunity for 3rd f work with Podric

2nd F @ 8PM on the 9th Town Hall SoVi, PAX only

2nd F @ 4 on the 22nd @ Chum’s AO. All family welcome. Small donation of $5 requested


Always believe in yourself and the strength within you.  Its easy to sell yourself short but you are always stronger than you think.  Thoughts go out to Doi’s M and Fat Cat.


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