Tug-o-War Domination

  • When: 09/29/17
  • QIC: Subprime/Right Swipe
  • The PAX: Food Lion, Red October, Gordo, Timber, Nacho Libre, Rudy, Catfish, Foghorn Leghorn, Avalanche, Cheese Splint, Soybean and Slug

14 PAX posted on a beautiful morning at Animal House. Typically, AH is half gear/weights but not this morn. The plan today is to keep moving for one hour. No FNG’s so we are off quickly


Warmup: SSH, Windmills, Body Weight Squats, Arm Circles, Mtn Climbers, Merkins

The Thang:

Subprime gets the start and we are off to the bottom of the hill. Simple 25 minute circuit: 5 pull-ups, 5 Top Guns, 10 merkins, 20 dips, run a lap, run to the top of the hill, complete 10 burpees and return to the bottom. This is one cycle. Repeato until time is called. YHC had hoped that 5 rounds could be completed but after 3, we were out of time.

Right Swipe steps up and the Pax race to get speed rankings: 10 merkins, 50 yard sprint, 5 burpees, 50 yard sprint

Divide up into 3 teams and race each other:

Round 1: 40 yd Bear Crawl while teammates do rotations of Lunge Jumps x10, Tuck Jumps x10, Dry Docks x10

Round 2: 20 yd crab walk while teammates do jumping jacks

Round 3: Dead hang as long as possible while teammates try to knock out as many burpees and squats as possible

Round 4: Tug-o-war!


Team 1 (Right Swipe, Sub Prime, Gordo, Soybean, Rudy) emerged victorious!


Mosey up the hill and finish with some round robin Mary



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