Themed for obscenity

  • When: 09/29/17
  • QIC: Fish and Chips
  • The PAX: Buffay, Tater Tot, Nickelback, Virgo, Pusher

* T-claps to Tater Tot and Nickelback for the one hour earlier start for rucking EC.


The Pax assembled near the flag under the lights of the parking deck. YHC was leading his VQ. We moseyed to the end of the garage, or what I thought was the end, only to discover another down ramp. To be explored at later date perhaps?

The Pax started with some yoga movement to welcome the wonderful 64F morning into their bodies. We did downward dog to cobra, following childs pose, then camel then cat, flowing into a good morning pose. This was the calming movements before the emergence of the sub-theme for the day; to find moves which were in polite company would be deemed obscene.

With this thought present, we moseyed to the nearest wall for Balls to the Wall. Did that for a while, then stopped doing that to do 10 burpees, then back to BTW. We got bored of that idea and made our way to the nearest staircase. The Pax held plank position until it was there turn to head up the stairs, with Nickelback leading the way to the first landing where 5 monkey humpers were performed. The theme of obscenity was holding strong. When the first landing was cleared the next Pax member went to the half landing on the steps, then the next. At each landing the Pax performed 5 monkey humpers. It would have been difficult to explain to the police had they been in attendance. We held plank position at the top until all were reunited.

The parking deck presents a lot of opportunity for play, so we partnered up made our way back to the bottom floor. The Pax did:

– partner carry to the next lowest level

– then 10 merkins

– wheelbarrow halfway on the next level, then swap with their partner to finish up

– then 10 merkins

– rinse and repeat to the bottom level

YHC will leave it to the reader to determine if theme of obscenity was present.

Having come all the way down the parking deck, it was time to head back up, keeping it clean this time. Run to the end of the deck, five burpees, run the next level and at the end … yes, five more burpees. This pattern continued until we reached the top.

When you are at the top, what do you do? You’re probably ahead of me, here. That’s right, go back down. The Pax descended with a sideways shuffle run (it probably has a name, right?) for each level, with a sprint in between each descent before doing the shuffle run with the other leg leading. It wasn’t obscene, however YHC believes it had a comedic quality.

It was time then for boo-yah merkins. YHC led the count and foolishly suggested 30 cadence count.

This proved to be an error, and we adjusted downward for 15. It was still enough.

Virgo led us to the outside parking lot and suggested inchworm. The monkey humpers and merkins up to this point made this a taxing movement. Before Mary we did ring of fire, bringing the theme home with ten monkey humpers each.

Nickelback was kind enough to lead us for the Mary. LBC, dying cockroach, scissors, six inch leg hold, ring of fire with plank hold and a jump forward (the name is …?), ring of fire with plank hold for a ten count each, with low plank mixed in.



Buffay reminded us of the soft launch of a new AO for Hillsborough. Waterstone neighborhood,

10/2 @ 5:30am, meet in the parking lot of the swimming pool. It is called The Rock.

Nickelback, enjoy your weekend with your M.


YHC thanks F3 for this group of men who come together, push each other and welcomes in even those

with funny accents.


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