Walk the Line (Drills)

  • When: 10/07/19
  • QIC: Coxswain
  • The PAX: Knope, Brainfreeze, Bitcoin, Tugboat, Fresh Prince, Nails

Warm-up: Began with 10 good mornings (as all workouts on good mornings should begin). These were followed by a series of dynamic warm-up drills: zombie walks, deep lunges, caterpillar walks, traveling Willie Mays Hayes, high knees, butt kicks, karaokes, and (of course) power skips.

The Thang: following the warm-up the PAX jogged to the Duke Chemistry Parking lot. Here the PAX split into pairs. For 5 minutes, each pair attempted to complete as many reps as possible of: 5 windshield wipers, 10 hand-release merkins, and 15 jump lunges. Partner 1 tackled this sequence while Partner 2 completed continuous plyometric foot drills using the parking lot paint lines. Once Partner 1 completed the 5-10-15 sequence, the partners switched roles. After the 5 minutes, the PAX received a merciful 2 minutes of rest before repeating the 5′ sequence with the goal of completing more total reps than they did in Round 1.

After another 2 minute rest break, the PAX completed another two five-minute rounds of: 5 Peter Parkers (per leg), 10 wide-hand offset merkins, and 15 tuck jumps. Partner 2 completed plyometric hand drills on the parking lot lines while Partner 1 completed the 5-10-15 sequence. Once again, during Round 2 the PAX attempted to complete more reps than they did in round 1.

Following all four 5-min rounds, the PAX jogged back to home base.

Mary: consisted solely of calf stretches to ease the pain from the plyometric drills.

COT: The Bull is on October 26th. Be there. Also prayers for Nails’ friend Chuck, who is still recovering after being mugged.

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