Running Wild on Wildwind

  • When: 10/08/19
  • QIC: Jinx
  • The PAX: Bob, Splashback, Cricket, Germ, Slayer, Iron Lung (Respect)

With a last minute Q change I didn’t have a ton of time to come up with some fun/creative (lame?) theme for today’s workout so I decided to keep in real simple. Fortunately, earlier this week I was out running in search of a nice 1K loop and happened upon a perfect(ish) 0.62 mile track around Boulder Park on Wildwind Dr.

Happy with the turnout – and happy to see new and familiar faces at The Rabbit – we circled up.

Warm up

  • 30x SSH IC
  • 15x Imperial Walkers IC
  • 10x Willie Mays Hayes IC
  • 10x Slow Merkins IC
  • 30 seconds of warm up of choice


Warm up jog for about 1.25 miles – up BC Parkway and around #TheWall AO locale while we make our way to Wildwind Dr by Boulder Park.
PAX are given the choice of 1K repeats (suggested 10K pace – everyone did quite a bit faster than that), or a continuous 5 laps around the 1K loop. Everyone chose the repeats and we were off.

Completed 5 x 1K repeats @ ~5K pace with 2 minute jogging breaks as intervals.
Cool down jog back to the AO (~0.5 miles)


  • 29x Heels to the Heavens IC
  • 15x Flutter Kicks – these hurt a bit after intervals!


Announcements: (1) Still time to sign up to bring food/items/assistance setting up for the BC BBQ this Saturday at 4:30ish(?) look it up (2) YHC has his first proper VQ tomorrow at #TheBigHouse – it will be fun (and at times, not fun)

In our BOM I took a knee and mumbled some things about how much fun F3 is, encouraged PAX to reach out to neighbors that haven’t been out in a while, or neighbors that have never tried it.

Strong work today, gentlemen – Aye!

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