Endure Piranha Birthday Month 2019

  • When: 10/08/19
  • QIC: WeedNFeed
  • The PAX: Bellhop, Malware, Cosmo, OneDirection, Cardiac, Clipboard, LoneRanger, Swamp, Palino, WreckItWralph, AwesomeBaby, NatureBoy, Floyd, Singlet, Pikachu, Wrinkles, Scapula, Castaway

After having signed up for a “birthday Q”, YHC was flattered by the large turnout and many birthday well-wishes. Perhaps disappointing to the many Carpex guys who traveled all the way for my birthday Q (I’m sure), it’s actually the Piranha’s birthday (1 year old) and, still worth celebrating, my 2-year mark joining F3.

Speaking of the Piranha, shout out to Brick who was one of the founding site Qs, and set a high bar for all of us in terms of pushing ourselves and each other. Shout out to Floyd and Knope who mentored and mentor us in starting and running the site. Shout out to Cosmo, a current site Q, who has a real knack for EHing unsuspecting neighbors (and an additional knack for accumulating overuse injuries). Shout out to the guys who discovered F3 at the Piranha and have stepped up the plate to Q workouts and lead, and to the PAX who come, and share their strength with the group. We love the vibe at the Piranha, whether it’s doing a lab around the Filbert, bear crawling on the basketball court, or picking up trash after a workout. YHC is looking forward to many more years in the gloom with a great bunch of guys. I’m still surprised the school employees smile at us instead of calling the police. Sometimes you just get lucky, I guess.

Warm Up

  • 30 SSH IC
  • 20 Imperial walkers IC
  • 10 WMH IC
  • No good mornings, despite vigorous encouragement from Nature Boy.
  • High plank ring of fire, with 3 merkins (which the manliest among us turned into clap merkins)

Mosey to the pylons by the Filbert.

Main Event

YHC asked PAX to think about endurance in life, and the importance of having a good community (among other things). To really get them in the right head space, we did some actual enduring.

  • 10 fire hydrants per leg
  • 10 Apollo Creeds per arm on pylons
  • 20 Russian hammers (10 IC)
  • 10 burpees
  • Run around the Filbert
  • Rinse, and repeat as many times as possible in the time
  • Endurance took on a whole new meaning as we endured the mumble chatter from a certain Carpex guy who shall remain nameless


  • 10 Good Mornings! As Nature Boy proclaimed “You can’t have a good day without a good morning!”
  • 20 LBCs IC
  • 20 Heels to Heaven IC
  • 20 Ski Abs
  • 25 flutter kicks (led by Cardiac, who YHC can trust to push us when everyone else is smoked)


  • The Bull, October 26th!
  • Romperroom could use some more Qs
  • Prayer request for Bill, Scapula’s relative, who was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer

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