• When: 02/13/18
  • QIC: Germ
  • The PAX: Wreckless, Strange Brew, Mothman, Gomer, CHiPs, Grunge, Germ


SSH x 25 (IC); Alabama Ass Kickers x 20 (IC); Plank Stretch 10 count per leg x 2; Cherry Pickers x 10 (IC)


Since this was YHC first return (and first run) since October with less than 24 hours to plan there was a lot of winging it.  I planned what I thought was just under 4 miles but given the inaccuracy of the maps in the new section we ended up at about 4.5 miles.  We started off down Great Ridge Parkway and headed west on the Copperhead trail until it connected up with Briar Chapel Parkway where we continued our run up to the tennis courts.   Once we arrived at the tennis courts we did standard suicides x 2 before proceeding to black snake our way to the bottom of the hill at Constellation Park.  After an AYG up the hill we proceeded to the stone wall at the center for derkins x25; dips x 20 followed by a plank walk around one half of the circle.  From there all we had to do was run down the hill and back up Boulder Point Dr to BC Pkwy and back to the Big House.  Unfortunately, on the trip back up Boulder Point Dr is when YHC realized, as I watched the front of the pack pull away over the hill, that I clearly had broken the F3 rule of “if you can’t do it, don’t Q it.”  Trying to get one foot in front of the other, I wondered how do you challenge yourself and the PAX as Q if you stick to what you know you can do?  As I came up over the hill I had my answer, I saw the headlamps of my F3 brothers coming back to pick up the 6.  Lifted by these men of value (more on this below) coming back to pick up the Q I managed to finish out the run.


Ain’t got time for Mary this morning, gents.




One of YHCs personal hero’s is Albert Einstein.  Albert Einstein was one of the most influential scientists of all time and a genius, but there are a lot of geniuses and as geniuses go he was rather average with an IQ of 160.  Impressive but there are probably a dozen people at UNC with an IQ at least that high (maybe one at Duke too; sorry State), so what about Einstein gave him the insight and knowledge to forever change the way humanity understood the universe.  No one really knows but coming from a man who found enormous success during his lifetime comes this piece of wisdom: “Try not to become a man of success, but a man of value.”  Men, don’t chase success; even if you achieve it in the end you will find it an empty and unfulfilling.  Be men of value.  Figure out what your values are and live by them.

Every day in the gloom I see men value, not men of success.  It was men of value that came back, picked up the 6 and got the Q to the finish line this morning.  Take those values out of the gloom and into the rest of the world.  Be men of value as husbands, as fathers, as friends and as a co-workers.  You will do more for the world with your values then will with your successes.  Aye!

Notable Quotables

Grunge “No one’s ever shown up to the tennis courts to do anything relaxing.”

Mothman [in reference to plank walking] “He went full Yanni on us.” A gross overestimate of the quality of my Q but clever and a tremendous compliment just the same.  Much appreciated.

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