The Only Way to Get Faster Is to Go Faster

  • When: 02/06/18
  • QIC: Shake It
  • The PAX: Draper, Foghorn Leghorn, Easy Rider, Prancing Horse, Vandelay, Harbaugh, Misery, Subprime, Red October, Shake It

There are so many great runners in F3 Churham.  They have been a great source of motivation for me to continue to get faster and be able to run longer.  Today’s workout was based on getting faster, and to get faster you’ve got to practice running faster.  



  • 800m  jog
  • Dynamic stretches


The Thang

YHC asked runners to come with an idea of their 5k pace and their 1 mile pace for the workout.

  • Run 8 x 600 meters (1.5 laps of a track) at 5K goal pace, with 200 meter recovery jogs between each interval.  The idea behind this is that athletes could run each 600 meter leg at their desired 5K pace.  If you want to be able to run that pace for an entire 5K you’ve got to start with smaller distances and build on it from there.
  • Run 4 x 200 meters at 1-mile pace (or slightly faster than 5K pace), with 200 meter recovery jogs between each interval.  Admittedly this turned into some 200 meter sprints for a lot of the PAX.
  • Finished with some stretches lead by Subprime



  • Sign up for the Tarheel 10 miler and help Speed for Need.  4/21 is race day.
  • Chapel Hill 2nd F lunch today at the Elliot Road Jersey Mike’s @ 12.

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