Three Wise Men

December 25, 2018

WHEN: December 25, 2018
QIC: Big Kat
PAX: Black Ball, Malware
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Christmas morning and under a Waning Gibbous Moon three PAX did not wait until Twelfth Night to make tracks through the frost on the Vortex field. There we celebrated with our own 12 days of Christmas, borrowing heavily from The Grunge.

1 Lap around the fields
SSH x20
IW x10
LBAC x10 fwd
LBAC x10 bwd

12 Days of Christmas thang. Y’know, start with something, like a Bear Crawl to the 18 for Day 1. Then, Day 2 is something else, say a run to the 18 and back PLUS the Bear Crawl. Day 3 adds another exercise, here 10 Merkins, which, you got it, is followed by the run and the Bear Crawl. And so on, so that on the 12th Day, the last exercise is added and you do each of the previous 11. Here is what did:

Day 1 – Bear Crawl 18
Day 2 – Run 18 and back
Day 3 – Merkin x10
Day 4 – WWII x10
Day 5 – Burpee x10
Day 6 – Lunge Jump x10 per side
Day 7 – Dry Dock x10
Day 8 – Squat x10
Day 9 – Lunge Walk 18 and back
Day 10 – V-Up x10
Day 11 – Plank Jack x10 cadence count (so really x20)
Day 12 – Star Jump x10

So, that was 100 Merkins, 90 WWIIs, 80 Burpees, 70 Lunge Jumps,60 Dry Docks, 50 Squats, 30 V-Ups, 40 Plank-Jacks, and 10 Star Jumps with lots of Bear Crawls.

Slow Freddy Mercury x 10
Box Cutter x15
Charlie’s Angel x 5 per side (on your six, left leg straight up, right leg straight at 45 degrees, make a gun with both hands and, with arms straight, bend at waist and pulse hands past left knee on each count. Switch leg position and repeat on other side).

Thankful for the camaraderie on a subfreezing beautiful Christmas morning. Appreciating the messages marked by this day – the need for us to be compassionate to our neighbors and also to the stranger, and the value in giving generously and humbly.