The Season of Giving

December 24, 2018

WHEN: December 24, 2018
QIC: Marky Mark
PAX: Blitzen-FNG, Boyardee, Butternut-FNG, Caliber-FNG, Catskill, Dueling Banjos, Duplo, Goat Cheese, Nescafe, Zook
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YHC had a fun — but brutal — workout planned for today. But after a PAX complaint that the planned beatdown wasn’t sufficiently festive (he fartsacked, by the way) and considering the presence of three FNGs, YHC decided to be charitable and revert to last year’s holiday-themed effort. So now it can be considered a Thicket tradition.


SSH, IW, WMH, Slow Merkin


In the spirit of the season, the PAX bestowed gifts on one another while taking the scenic route through Briar Chapel.

Marky Mark gifted Walking Lunge, Bear Crawl, Burpees, Crabwalk, Dips, Johnny Dramas, High Tempo Stepups, Rocky Marcianos, Hill Sprints

The PAX gifted Air Squats, a Merkin Ladder, Karaokes, Sprints, Butt Kickers, WWIIs (there were many more but YHC is drawing a blank).


Welcome to FNGs Blitzen, Butternut, and Caliber!

Lessons learned this morning: Don’t ask Boyardee for a quick exercise, don’t try to beat Blitzen on a hill sprint, and don’t question Nescafe’s reindeer expertise.

Whatever, and however, you celebrate, be sure to remember to give more than you receive. You’ll be glad you did. Happy holidays to the PAX!