12 Days of Q-mas

December 26, 2018

WHEN: December 26, 2018
QIC: Botched
PAX: Sweatervest Two-face, Pikachu, Varsity, Radar (respect), Assisi, Cosmo, Knope, OPEC, Sawtooth, Awesome Baby, Scapula, Crimson, Botched
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Today is Boxing Day; the second day of Christmastide. According to Wikipedia, there are competing theories for the origins of the term “Boxing Day” none of which are definitive. But one possible etymology is that Boxing Day was “the first week-day after Christmas-day, observed as a holiday on which post-men, errand-boys, and servants of various kinds expect to receive a Christmas-box”

With that thought in mind, YHC set out to give the PAX a lovely Christmas box in the form of multiple repetitive exercises. And what better way to celebrate the second day of Christmastide than 12 different exercises for the 12 Days of Christmas. 14 PAX met in the gloom of the parking lot to start the journey

    • SSH x25
    • WMH x 12
    • Imperial Walker x 12
    • Arm Circles x 15
    • Reverse x 15
    • Mosey to grab iron, and back to the main parking lot
    • Of course everyone knows the song the 12 days of Christmas. Workout proceeded along those lines.
    • For the first “day” of Qmas, my Q he gave to me – a half-dozen OYO Bur-pees.
    • For the second day of Qmas, my Q he gave to me – 10 squats with iron and a half-dozen OYO Bur-pees.
    • And etc up until 12. PAX did a Low squat hold or Plank (Q’s choice) after each “verse” until all the PAX completed it

The Verses:

  1. 6 OYO burpees (total of 72)
  2. 10 squats with iron (total of 110)
  3. 15 bent over rows with iron (total of 150)
  4. 10 Carolina dry docks (total of 90)
  5. 20 LBCs (total of 160)
  6. 1 lap around the parking lot (7 laps)
  7. 15 curls with iron (total of 60)
  8. 10 merkins (total of 50)
  9. 10 bobby Hurley’s (total of 40)
  10. 15 overhead presses with iron (total of 45)
  11. 30 Johnny Dramas (total of 60)
  12. 10 jackass merkins

Mary – no time for Mary. We got it with all the Plank holds and LBCs anyway.

Prayers for all those traveling to or from seeing family

COT – YHC took us out; At Christmas time, its important to be thankful for the family and good things that we have, and to be mindful of those less fortunate. At always it was an honor and privilege to lead today.