Three Periods of Fun

  • When: 12/28/17
  • QIC: Knope
  • The PAX: Green Egg, Crab Cake, Toolbox, Soda Popinski, Chubbs, Roach, Happy Gilmore, Boilermaker (FNG), Tater Tot, Knope

YHC grew up spending his winters in ice arenas throughout Michigan. The gloom this morning felt about the same temperature, and after the workout I smelled about the same too.  Appropriately I had three periods of fun ready for the PAX to enjoy this winter morning.  Today being my first Q, the cold was a welcomed distraction from any potential faux pas in my leadership. We had 10 brave souls post to fight old man winter, and they did so bravely (one even fought through a Merlot Spill).  Here’s how it went down:

Warm Up:
Little Baby Arm Circles x 12
Reverse x 10
Slow Good Mornings x 10
Slow Willie Mays Hayes x 10
SSH x 25
Slow Count Merkins x 10

1st Period:
Mosey to the Pull Up Bars
AMRAP Pull Up + 5 with Partner Assistance x 3 sets
People’s Chair

2nd Period:
Mosey to the Durham Athletic Park (Old Bulls Park) 1st Base Line Parking Lot
Bear Crawl to 2nd Island with 20 WW2s
Lunge Walk to Start line with 15 Nolan Ryans each side
Crab Walk to 2nd Island with 5 Super Duper Coolers (Side Plank with 4 count leg movement) each side

3rd Period (cut short by the curfew clock):
Mosey to Farmers Market Pavilion (cut through construction site)
Wheelbarrow from end of Pavilion to bathroom switch partners
Wheelbarrow from bathroom to end of Pavilion
Mosey to Start via Durham Central Park for Mary

Monkey Humpers x 10

COT/Announcements/Prayer Requests
There was discussion about upcoming challenges including the 250 Challenge, and the New Year Challenge.  Some PAX wondered about a New Year’s Day convergence or a change in time.

Welcome FNG Boilermaker.

We prayed for our F3 brothers and their families who are fighting and recovering from cancer, Alf and Lopair.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Doi and his family after the passing of his father.

A proper tip of the hat to Riggs and Tatertot.  I appreciate both of them supporting my VQ, especially the guidance before and suggestions after today’s workout.  If you’re thinking of Qing, you are more ready for it than you know.  It’s a good time that makes you think of the workouts differently.




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