The Triple Nickel

  • When: 12/28/17
  • QIC: Shake It
  • The PAX: Coco, Puffs, Honey, Food Lion, Bushwood, Champ, Draper, Shake It

After finishing the Master Q earlier this month, YHC realized he was extremely close to 50 Q’s for the year.  Although this was never a personal goal, 50 is a nice number to wrap up 2017 with.  7 other PAX joined YHC in 23 degree weather. Special thanks to Bushwood, who was kind enough to fill up YHC’s 60 lb sandbag and drop it off for him.  Expect the use of the sandbag in YHC’s future Qs.


Warm-Up: All exercises performed in cadence

  • SSH x30
  • Hillbillies x10
  • Good Mornings x10
  • Pivot Lunges x20
  • Slow Merkins x20


The Thang:

The Triple Nickel – After a quick warm-up PAX moseyed to our favorite hill in Meadowmont.  The triple nickel is a run to the top of a hill, perform 5 of an exercise, run to the bottom and perform 5 of another exercise for 5 repetitions.  In this case, we did burpees at the top of the hill and Makhtar N’Diayes at the bottom.  Side shuffle hop while the 6 finish.


Dead Hang Doras – Now mosey to the terrorist training equipment (a.k.a the monkey bars).  PAX pair off for some dora action on the monkey bars.  While one partner deadhangs, the other partner completes the assigned exercises.  Pairs were to complete 60 burpees, 120 merkins, and 180 squats.  YHC suggested pairs to switch after every 10 burpees, 20 merkins, or 30 squats.  Food Lion may also be an arctic snow monkey as he performed all the deadhangs without gloves on.  There was much talk about how the monkey bars were having trouble supporting our Christmas weight as they sagged everytime one PAX got on or off.


After all four groups were done we jogged back to the AO.  During this time Coco explained to Champ what AO, YHC, and QIC all stood for.  Great F3 knowledge dropped by the veteran.



  • Box Cutters
  • LBCs



  • Honey and YHC reminisced about Makhtar N’Diaye and his controversial history at UNC and why F3 named the exercise after him.
  • New Years Day Werewolf at Devil’s Ridge.  Hopefully not a 0530 start
  • Coco filled us in on the charity pull-up challenge.  90 days to complete as many pull-ups as possible.
  • 6 for 6 from Jan 1 to Jan 6.  Post at an F3 workout for the first six days of 2018.

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