A look back on 2017, A look ahead to 2018

  • When: 12/28/17
  • QIC: Kia
  • The PAX: Cardiac, Chu Chu, Heisenberg, Jingle Vader (a guest from New Orleans)

Time sure seems to fly when you are having fun.  So to help remember this great year that is ending and get excited for the new year- a small but determined group of us met in the very dark and cold morning to share the last Thursday of the year.  We enjoyed some exercises that reflected 2017 or 2018.

The warmup:

A lap around the peanut

Good morning x 10

Imperial Walker x 20

Shoulder rolls x 10

Willy Mays Hays x 10

A lap around the peanut

The workout: (at the soccer field)

To help us remember 2017:  20 Air Squats followed by 17 Merkins

50 side shuffle hops to remember my milestone birthday this year

Mosey over to the benches for 38 dips in memory of the first solar eclipse in you guessed it- 38 years.

Then it was a quick trip to the far corner for 45 air squats for the 45th president that was sworn in.  No politics here- just a good number for an exercise.

A quick close of 2017- 20 Air Squats followed by 17 Merkins

To help us get to the start of 2018 (the other end of the field), we played “catch me if you can”.  In pairs- one PAX would do 10 diamond merkins while the other person ran backwards.  When the merkins were done, that PAX would run to catch his partner and switch.

To get us excited about 2018, 20 air squats followed by 18 merkins

The 23rd Winter Olympics is in two months so, of course, we did 23 burbees OYO

We headed over to midfield.  For many of us, our significant other is beyond excited about the upcoming Royal Wedding.  This is the 16th Royal Wedding at wherever they are getting married (sorry, don’t  really pay attention to this stuff).  Anyway, to “honor” this event, we did 16 hydraulic squats (they kinda suck).

Finally we headed over to the far corner for 23 flutter kicks in honor of the 23 teams that will be competing in the World Cup in 2018 (sadly- the US is not in that group).

We played another round of “catch me if you can” to get back to the other side of the field.  This time it was regular merkins instead of diamond.

A stop at the snack bar (closed at this hour) for some dips and plank finished the workout.


LBC x 30


Russian Hammer x 15


There were no prayer requests or announcements.  It was still really cold so it was time to send everyone back to their cars.  I was already dreaming about my seat warmers.

I’m sorry that we ended about 5 minutes early.  The next time I “Q”, I’ll remember to add that time back to the workout.

Thanks everyone that came out for my final F3 workout of the year.

I would  like to wish everyone a very Happy and Safe New Year.  This is the end of my first full year at F3 and I’ve enjoyed the workouts and fellowship.  I look forward to a challenging but rewarding 2018.

Best wishes to everyone and their families.


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