Kiss and Go Laps

  • When: 09/29/17
  • QIC: Lo Pair
  • The PAX: Homes, French Lick, Swingline, Moore, Goat Cheese, Appomattox, Spooky, Knoxville, Sherman, Cousin Vinny, Boo-Boo, Wuerffel, Gecko, Treehouse, Smokes, Singlet, Mo Money, Sven, Trickle, Count de Money,

The first morning of cooler fall weather brought 21 out to Bastille to get stronger. Here’s what we did.

Warm up –

SSH x 25, imperial walker x 20, arm circles + reverse x 10, Willie Mays Hayes x 10, slow ‘merican x 20, all cadence count.

About this time Knoxville strolled up (he is forgiven though, as today is his birthday) so we all did 10 penalty burpees for tardiness. (We almost made Knoxville watch but he wanted his too, so we let him join.)

The thing –

Indian Run away from the park towards market square, then left down the hill to the Scroggs Elementary School kiss and go loop. There we partnered up for some cardio strength work.

Partner one starts doing burpees while partner 2 runs the loop. Switch when partner 2 gets back. Continue until the pair has knocked out 100 burpees total (aggregate). Group picks up the 6 by running a lap.

After a quick 10 count, same drill but this time each pair knocks out 200 ‘mericans (aggregate). Group picks up the 6 by knocking out 10 more ‘mericans.

No time for round 3 (400 squats); instead we moseyed to Scroggs playground for pull-ups. Equipment was tight but most were able to knock out 15-20.

It’s never a race at an F3 workout… except for those times when it is, in fact, a race. In that spirit, we formed 2 Indian Run lines for the journey back to the parking lot. And remember – in an Indian Run the winner is determined by the 6 in each line, not the leader.

The winning team (or was it the losing team?) was getting 10 burpees and the other team was getting 5… but since YHC was confused about which way it should go, we split the difference and all did 7.

This morning, we had exactly 6 minutes for Mary. Dealer’s choice included cross-LBCs, 6 inch leg hold, hello Dolly with crossing ankles (did we ever get a name for those?) and some Adolphus stretching.

COT – prayers for Big Katt and Zika, plus one other brother in Chatham, who have been injured recently. And thanks for the strength and will to be out there on such a beautiful morning.

And, if I were on my game (no comments from the peanut gallery) I would have publicly wished Knoxville a happy 45th birthday. Since I missed that chance, I’ll do it here instead.

Thanks for the honor this morning, gents!

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