The Deck of Mild Discomfort

July 15, 2021

WHEN: 07/15/2021
QIC: Cosmo
PAX: Scapula, Bellhop, MLP, Max Power, Floyd, Nails, Boucher, Knope, Awesome Baby, Spot, Scribble, Loonie, Swamp,

Marked my 3-year plus 3-day F3 anniversary with a Q where it all began, Tobacco Road. TBH, didn’t think it was my best work. Not as challenging as one would have hoped, except for the handful of guys who really went for the boulders. Next time we do a strength-heavy workout of this nature, will be sure to stress the importance of getting a really big rock, like larger than your normal, as there wasn’t much in the way of cardio. Or, as Awesome Baby suggested, return to the days of the rock rotation, so everyone gets some work with the big dogs. Live and learn.

So instead of The Deck of Death, let’s call this one The Deck of Mild Discomfort.

Brief warmup, PAX advised, though perhaps not strongly enough, to get a big rock and carry it to the center of the field. Busted out a deck of cards where 2s, 3s and 4s had been removed for the following:

  • Spades = rows IC – face value, then Js=11, Qs=12, Ks=13,As=14
  • Clubs = hello dolly IC rock overhead
  • Hearts = squats thrusts SC
  • Diamonds = curls IC
  • Jokers = flapjack, line up at half field, bear crawl to end, crab walk back

Got through the whole deck, so left enough time for a third flapjack, a 5 merkin ring of fire, and 10 flutters IC with rock overhead.



  • 2nd F tonight at Tobacco wood brewing
  • Get your shirt order in. F3 recently sent out a survey about gear that offered a discount code, F3SURVEY , for 10 percent off
  • YHC took us out


So, not YHC’s finest hour, but hopefully everyone got a little stronger. Grateful for this group keeping the chatter up and putting up with the occasional amaterish performance. As the disclaimer notes, none of us besides Pallino are professionals. Will try to do better next time, Aye!


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