Exercising Demons

July 16, 2021

WHEN: July 16, 2021
QIC: Splashback
PAX: Marky Mark, Paper Jam, Mothman, RG3, Quint, Sprockets
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The Subject of Demons has come up more than once in the mumblechatter out here in the gloom. I’ve overheard PAX discussing things they’re struggling with, challenges they’ve overcome and sometimes plain old bad energy. A certain PAX who shall remain nameless once said near the end of an EC ruck – (Forgive me for paraphrasing) – that that’s part of what we’re all doing out here – Exorcising Demons. Eminem would have had ‘em doing Jumping Jacks – but I had something else in mind. Lets go:


Travel to Tennis Courts:

Our first Demon is from Ancient Mesopotamia:

Pazuzu – Demon of the southwest wind and causer of droughts. Pazuzu was actually the Demon portrayed in “The Exorcist”. All PAX had seen the Exorcist so no penalty Burpees.  Anyway – wind is the first theme so we’re about to get winded together.

10 Burpees together.

AYG across courts

9 Burpees together.

AYG back

8 Burpees together


Until 1 final Burpee


Bear Crawl 1 Tennis Court – 5 Merkins

Crawl Bear Back.

Bear Crawl 2 Tennis Courts – 10 Merkins

Crawl Bear Back

Bear Crawl 3 Tennis Courts – No Merkins – Q was shot

(mostly) Crawl Bear Back

Thang 3:

Mosey to pull up bars:

Lots of PAX grumble about pull ups. I’m a bit obsessed with them because of being continually laughed at as a kid during gym class because I couldn’t do any. And the only way to get better at things to  is practice. Took me 6 months to do a pull up when I got serious about it so let’s all do day 1 together today.

Partner up:

Partner 1 does pull ups while Partner 2 does 10 ww2s. If you can’t do a full pull up – jump and have a controlled descent. It WILL build the muscles over time if you stick with it – and unlike the lat pull down machine WILL get you doing pull ups.

Repeat x 3


Mosey to “The Wall”

Our next Demon comes from BROTOX and is something dreaded by many PAX and YHC as an EC. This Demon is called – The Killer B’s.

3 rounds of the following:

10 Burpees

20ish Meter bear Crawl

1 Minute Balls to the wall.

Repeato x 3

*Sprockets showed up between rounds 2 and 3 – Great Timing – he owes us 75 Burpees! We’ll put them on his tab.


50 LBCs IC

Final Demon – Flexibility!

Hammie Stretching

Hip Flexor Stretching


So we talk a lot out here about being better friends, fathers, brothers and crazy roommates but I would like to challenge all of you to really make some strides to doing that in your lives. We all have demons. Last summer I became honest with myself about something that I had been avoiding for a long time – that Alcohol was a big demon in my life. So I eliminated it. It isn’t always easy but I haven’t had a sip of alcohol since last July and I’m better in every way because of it. Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t a criticism of drinking or those who you who do – Heck my wife still drinks wine at home on a regular basis. I’m just saying this was something I know was holding me back and I had to get real and deal with it to be the best me I can be. I’d like to challenge all of you to do the same. Look at yourself in the mirror – what’s holding you back from being better? You probably know. Be honest with yourself – call out your demon. And Fight that Motherfucker.

 Until Next Time – AYE!